We are building a stage for VR filmmakers

By Charlotte Dixon


VR is no longer the next big thing, it’s right now. Virtual Reality is, well… real. And we believe it can make for truly immersive and visceral storytelling, transporting us to new places and allowing us to experience things we couldn’t otherwise.

After 10 years of curating and collaborating with a global community of talented filmmakers, connecting them to leading brands, we now want to embrace VR filmmakers into the fold; building a vision for technology-driven storytelling with our wonderfully diverse and already highly skilled community.

Are you a VR filmmaker? Have you got VR work to share?
To bring exposure to established VR talent and drive client demand for VR work, we are looking for content from you to showcase your talents, films that fall into one of two buckets:

Action-Oriented and Awe-Inspiring
VR content that makes us go ‘WOW!’ Thrilling, exciting, electrifying, mind-blowing and even scary. The types of immersive experiences that elicit a visceral and physical reaction like surfing, flying, strong winds, extreme heights and dark depths. Things we may not be able to or would never have the guts to experience in real life.

Human and Empathetic
VR content that connects us by allowing us to see the world through someone else’s eyes. By immersing VR viewers in a world unlike our own, to walk in another’s shoes, revel in their joy and excitement, connect with their loneliness or fear. Experiences that evoke feelings of love or loss, poverty or pride. Human storytelling grounded in empathy and emotion.

Over the next month we’ll curate this VR content and experiences from our community and share it with with potential partners and clients around the world. Our goal is to create the world’s most coveted VR community, working on the world’s most impactful VR experiences.

Get involved
If you’d like to submit work, please enter your details here by Monday, May 29th.


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