Unruly on the Science of Sharing


Almost every time a client comes to us they ask the same questions. ‘How can we ensure sharability?’ or ‘will our video go viral?’ (we also get ‘can we have the next Dove Sketches’ – but that’s for another time…)


Last week the MOFILM London team were invited to Unruly to help us get to grips with the question of sharability.

Unruly Labs help brands to understand, measure and increase the ROI of their online video ad campaigns. The data and research collected by the Labs inform the Unruly ShareRank which predicts the sharability and the social impact of a video content.


So what did we learn?

Well firstly, everything that we have been saying for the last year about the benefits of emotional story telling (demonstrated by the success of the MOFILM work for Cornetto which is currently the 7th most shared content of 2013) was confirmed …

– Two of the most significant drivers of sharing are psychological responses to an ad and social motivations to share it

– The key is to make your film emotional. Videos that elicit a strong emotional response are twice as likely to be shared. In fact, videos which provoke a strong positive response are 30% more likely to be shared than those which provoke negative emotions.

– No creative device drives sharing more than any other. So focus on emotions, not creative devices.

With 100 hours of content uploaded to YouTube every minute and four billion items shared on Facebook every day, social space is getting cluttered. So the need for top-notch content that stands out is now more important than ever!


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