The view from our community: what this disruption might mean for our industry

By Ryan Deluchi

Making predictions about the future feels tough right now, particularly when nobody even seems to know what the world will look like next week, let alone next year.

But it is safe to assume that disruption of this magnitude is likely to have a lasting impact on many industries. At the extremities, we know some will thrive and some will disappear. Most however will be somewhere in the middle; business but not quite as usual.

Over the past few months we’ve been communicating with our global filmmaking community on a daily basis to keep a close eye on the impact Covid-19 has had on the video production industry and how production practices have had to evolve.

Whilst nearly every creator in the world has had to make adjustments, in some form, to how they make content as a direct result of pandemic restrictions, it’s clear that not all of these changes have been unwelcome.

In fact, in many cases the disruption has introduced new behaviours, attitudes and processes that most creators, agencies and brands do not want to leave behind, even as the world edges closer to something resembling normality.

We asked our community to tell us about these changes and the positive impact they might have on filmmaking and content creation going forward. Their responses point to an incoming era of production that’s less wasteful, more conducive to creativity and more democratic in its execution.

Which might be just the kind of prediction we all want to hear right now.

Check out their responses below:

Thank you to:

Daniela Muttini, Peru –

Will Warr, UK –

Pablo Apiolazza, Italy –

Diana Ellis-Hill, UK –

Kapoor Brothers, India –

Sam Fathallah, USA –

Sam King, Japan –

Dan Stein, New Zealand –

Benitha Vlok, South Africa –

Jordy Van Meer, The Netherlands –


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