Super Bowl round up – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


Millions gathered around television sets last night to watch the Seattle Seahawks take down the Denver Broncos in an easy 43-8 victory, but for many of those revelers the outcome of the game was secondary to the annual splashy, big-budget Super Bowl ads.

Many of this year’s most buzz worthy commercials premiered well in advance of Sunday’s big game online, garnering plenty of attention from the internet and mainstream media alike.

Last week we heard from Ash about her predictions for best Super Bowl ad. Her list comprised of Go Daddy – Bodybuilders, H&M – Covered/Uncovered and Oikos – The Spill.

Lets see how these ads stood up against the crop on the night …

The Good

Budweiser – Puppy Love

A story of friendship that involves a puppy and a horse. How can we not put this on the list? I personally don’t think its quite as good as last year’s ‘Brotherhood’ but it will still have brought a tear to the eye of men and women all over the world. Unsurprisingly is also the most watched and shared Super Bowl ad of 2014.

Bud Light – Ian Up for Whatever

Serial storytelling and reality TV meets the Super Bowl, which is awesome, but I have to be honest, what I’m most excited by is the Llama cameo in this spot. The Llama is the animal of the moment here at MOFILM so don’t be surprised if you see one cropping up in winning spots over the next couple of months!

Coca Cola – It’s Beautiful

One of the few spots that was kept under wraps until game night itself. Unfortunately but somewhat unsurprisingly this ad provoked a lot of controversy on twitter. I don’t know about you guys, but I personally think it is absolutely beautiful and right on brand.

Duracell – Trust Your Power

For me the Duracell spot was the best example of one of our mantras here at MOFILM ‘demonstrate not claim’. This spot didn’t just get into my top 5 because it pulled at the heart strings but also because it was storytelling at its best – simple, authentic and emotional. (If you haven’t seen already, check out how one girls response to this ad helped really blow the campaign out of the water).

H&M – Uncovered

An advert that encourages you picture David Beckham without boxers … that is plain genius. But an advert that used a new technology (t-commerce) to let viewers with Samsung smart TV buy featured H&M products directly from the TV for the first time at Super Bowl … well that’s not too bad either.

The Bad

Jeep – Restlessness

Yawn. And I think we’ve seen this before. This spot felt very Levi’s “Go Forth” if you ask me.

Maserati – Ghibli

All a bit lost on me really. Not sure why an Italian car maker had to make their ad feel so damn American …

The Ugly

Heinz – Hum

If you had been excited for the first Heinz Super Bowl spot in 16 years then bad luck. An ad that relies on a fart joke … no more needs to be said.

And lastly … no list can be complete without the Super Bowl ad that wasn’t …

Newcastle Brown Ale

Genius. Genius. Genius


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