Speed Chaser and The Oscars: The Aftermath.


It’s now one week since MOFILM award-winning directors, Jude Chun, Sunyoung Hwang and Eunhae Cho arrived in Los Angeles, California to celebrate their Chevrolet Oscars Programme triumph and see their winning film ‘Speed Chaser’ broadcast in real time during the live telecast of the 86th Annual Academy Awards.

An NBA basketball game, Universal Studios, and dinner with the Chevrolet team was all on the cards in the build up to Sunday’s finalé – tickets to the Bleechers Oscars fan experience on the red carpet.

Spending the day on the red carpet proved to be a unique and memorable experience for MOFILM filmmakers who found themselves just meters away from some of the worlds most celebrated and acclaimed film industry figures.

But while the world waited in anticipation to see who would win a gold statuette, we at MOFILM waited in anticipation for another reason – a reason far more poignant in our world – the broadcast of ‘Speed Chaser’. So during the ad break before the awarding of best female supporting actress, Jude, Sunyoung, Eunhae and ‘Speed Chaser’ announced themselves to the world as their film hit the airways.

The love for the film has been widespread too with ‘Speed Chaser’ ranking at #5 in the 2014 BrandAds Oscars Ad Effectiveness Study. Despite all of the publicity and positive press surrounding the spot, the creative trio are keeping their feet firmly on the ground. ‘We were very surprised! The competition was so strong, and the MOFILM filmmakers really outdid themselves in making some awesome entries. We were very lucky’ Said Jude Chun.

Furthermore, Speed Chaser was named ‘Ad of the day’ in Adweek magazine, and the story has found its way into several other high profile publications such as Forbes Magazine and The New York Times.

Arguably one of the biggest MOFILM triumphs of 2014, this story offers encouragement and inspiration to the wider MOFILM community proving that aspiring filmmakers can mix it with the best in the business, given the right platform and opportunity.

So we leave you with the words of Jude Chun ‘A budget of hundred millions of dollars might help, but it’s really imagination, creativity, and passion that get movies made’.


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