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Short film nights in London and around the globe, have become a staple in filmmakers’ diaries, whether they’re just starting out or are more seasoned. With sites like Vimeo and ShortoftheWeek celebrating work on a daily basis, and short film nights and festivals selling out all over, it’s a good route to getting noticed, whether your heart lies in the short form or you’ve got your sights set on feature films.

We’re great fans of short form films, it’s where MOFILM originally started. You may have noticed an increased demand in our contests for films that tell a story, whether it’s a 90 second spot for Bose or an eight minute love epic for Cornetto.

So we’ve teamed up with Shorts Up, a short film night based in the glamorous West End, ran by Faktem Films, a London based Production Company to co-host a MOFILM Takeover.. It’s an opportunity to showcase your work, MOFILM or not, and if you’re based in London, to meet fellow short enthusiasts over a drink or two.


We chatted to Piers Foley, Shorts Up co-founder, about why it’s important to have this kind of opportunity as a filmmaker.

MOFILM: How did Shorts Up come about?
PIERS: Shorts Up came about when the Arts Theatre gained some studio space. Everyone at Faktem Films has a connection, in some respect, with the theatre and we wanted to create a night that would help to reignite the artistic hub that The Arts used to be. We wanted to create an event where we could meet other filmmakers and they likewise, to start a snowball of creative output. Not to mention the monthly excuse to have a catch-up and a drink with all your filmmaking mates and watch what you’ve all been making!

MOFILM: What makes Shorts Up different?
PIERS: We aim to be a regular night for filmmakers of all levels to watch films and meet the makers behind them. We wanted to build a bit of a family that helps each other out when a job we’re working on needs a DoP, Editor or Composer, you name it! We’ve also had a few success stories of films we’ve screened being taken on to get distribution deals through some of our contacts. And we believe we have the biggest screen thanks to our collaboration with the Nomad Cinema.

MOFILM: Why are Short Film Nights important to you as a filmmaker?
PIERS:They are so important for any filmmaker as it’s a great chance to get your films seen on a big screen, to see people’s reactions, get feedback and find contacts for the future. The regularity of Shorts Up is also an impetus to make more film.

MOFILM: Who comes along to Shorts Up?
PIERS: We have a complete mix of filmmakers, from full time professionals to students, that all care about telling a story or evoking a reaction. Unlike some other film nights or festivals, we have no limits on our submissions (other than no films over 40mins), who you are, how experienced you are or whether or not your film has been screened before… it doesn’t matter. We watch every submission and if it’s great we want to help it get seen!

MOFILM: Do you think the changes in the industry, the introduction of affordable equipment, drones etc, affected the entries you get?
PIERS: Although we have only been running for six months, we have noticed the increased use of drones in our submissions. The incredible accessibility of tech like this and motorized gimbals really does give the chance to give quite stunning high-end effects. Though if you just have a hand held camera, a great story and edit, we think that’s far more important!

MOFILM: Where do you think the short film industry is heading?
PIERS: It’s certainly becoming a more mainstream genre, especially since it’s so accessible now with YouTube, Vimeo etc. People’s attention spans are generally quite short, and it’s easier for independent filmmakers to get their stuff out there, so it’s certainly becoming more popular. The best thing is that making films no longer has to be about large budgets and knowing the right people. Technology, equipment and distribution are at the tips of everyone’s fingers, so all you need is a great story and a bit of hard work.

On that note, we’d love to see MOFILM filmmakers old and new at our event on the 24th. If you’d like to submit a film to be considered for viewing – MOFILM film or not – then enter it using the form here: MOFILM SUBMISSIONS and tickets for the event are available here: SHORTSUP/MOFILM TAKEOVER TICKETS

Contact for more details.


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