Q&A with Brian Caffarello, Global Head of Marcomms, Philips Lighting


Why is Philips Lighting participating in the Mofilm UGC competition?

This competition allows Philips Lighting to get a fresh perspective on interpreting a creative brief. We want to tap into the rich creative talent that UGC can provide. We are excited to see what creative minded people all over the world have to say about our brand.

Could you give us some background on Philips Lighting and the opportunities for your brand?

Philips is the world’s largest producer of lighting products. The brand has a rich heritage in this area. The lighting industry is going through rapid changes with the introduction of new lighting technologies such as LED lighting solutions. We can manipulate light in terms of colors and tones like never before. What this means is new possibilities for setting an atmosphere or mood with lighting. Philips has developed new products such as Living Colors that begin to deliver these benefits. Lighting is changing from just something people use functionally to something people pay more attention to and experience.

What kind of videos are you looking for?

Our brief is about showing how lighting can play a role in expressing emotions. Often the role that light has on making us feel an emotion is not so obvious. We want videos that make this obvious. We are looking for that break-through video that surprises, is captivating and makes the idea in our brief simple to understand.

Could you give some examples of what you mean by it not being obvious that light evokes emotions?

Straight forward examples are movies and music. Think of the color grading and light treatment in movies. This often sets an emotional tone. For example in the movie Amelie, the colors and light are very warm and vibrant. This automatically sets a happy and innocent setting. Last Friday, I went to a ‘The Killers’ concert. The light effects were great and somehow the songs I had heard many times seemed new or different. It is not always the lighting treatment that we notice, it is the total experience we feel. But this goes beyond movies and concerts. Think for example about how the mood is set with lighting in your favorite bar or restaurant. You probably don’t notice it but the atmosphere you feel is strongly influenced by the choice of lighting.

Do you have a favorite ad that uses light in a powerful way?

Some of the Apple iPod TV ads use light and colors very effectively. They are a good example of how bringing together different elements (e.g. light/color treatment, music and a good concept) can create a powerful emotional connection to a brand. For example, this is one of my favorite iPod ads.


What advice would you give to somebody that is considering developing a Philips video?

Choose a theme, like love, optimism, good times with friends, personal freedom, etc. and use light and color to support the expression of this idea. But most important, be unconventional and surprise us!


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