RID-X Septic Tank System Treatment contains billions of 100% natural active bacteria and enzymes to break down household waste. By adding RID-X, you help restore the delicate balance of beneficial bacterial and enzymes needed to help keep your system operating at full efficiency.

RID-X wanted to make a film that convinces septic owners (non-users) of the need of RID-X for the better functioning of the septic system because it’s scientifically proven to breakdown waste. “I do my best, I even use septic safe paper, but how can I control everything that goes into the drains in my house and hurt the septic system?”

How it Works

an idea

Read the brief and send us your idea in a snappy write up or draft script. Tell us a story, and if your idea hits the mark we'll pay you to develop a treatment.

a treatment

Having been shortlisted, bring your idea to life through a formal treatment that builds on your initial thinking and wows us with your creative vision.

your film

Develop your final script and pre-production with support from our team and make a beautiful film that people want to talk about.