Positive Drops Studio

Brief for:

The Brief

Evian wants to use their social channels to breathe optimism into their audience’s newsfeeds. We worked with them to build a unique collective of diverse creatives to celebrate positivity by creating original social content for evian’s social feed.


Production Approach

  • Mofilm assembled a bespoke community of 10 very different creators – including illustrators, animators, photographers and filmmakers – from around the globe, and immersed them in the evian universe
  • Each week they pitch original creative ideas for positive drops of social content for evian to post
  • The brand commissions their favourites from a central production pot of cash
  • Mofilm guides the creators through ideation and production


The Work

We produced 50+ social-first assets produced in 6 weeks, which included a mix of film, GIFs & photography for use across their global Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Check out evian’s Instagram feed here to check out the collection or have a look below at some of our favourites:

Created by Dan Stein, New Zealand:

Created by Good Golly Studios, Los Angeles:

How it Works

an idea

Read the brief and send us your idea in a snappy write up or draft script. Tell us a story, and if your idea hits the mark we'll pay you to develop a treatment.

a treatment

Having been shortlisted, bring your idea to life through a formal treatment that builds on your initial thinking and wows us with your creative vision.

your film

Develop your final script and pre-production with support from our team and make a beautiful film that people want to talk about.