MOFILM – Lovie Awards 2018

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The Everything But Football Football Show


Since becoming the official shirt sponsor of Manchester United, Chevrolet has wanted to give the shirt back to those who it truly belongs to: the fans. Millions of them at home and around the world. MOFILM and Craft were challenged to create content to engage a global fan base, making the most of exclusive access that Chevrolet has to Man Utd players and club legends. We also needed to ensure there was affinity with the Chevrolet brand; an ownable space for them.


The Everything But Football Football Show (EBFFS) is a crucial vehicle for creating content that caters to all the fans. It’s an online series that provides fans with exclusive insight into what some of the most decorated players in the world are like away from the pitch. To cut through the ocean of social media content showing players on the pitch every week and giving the usual post-match interviews, Chevrolet identified an opportunity to showcase the players’ and legends’ personas off the pitch, away from the great game, a chance for fans to see their heroes like never before. The tone of the series is light, positive and fun, bringing Man Utd players and legends face-to-face with their fans in a mix of studio banter, games, and pranks.

As an episodic series the content all tied together, which meant we had an original graphic identity, tone of voice and most importantly got viewers returning to the social channels week in week out to see the latest instalment.

The aim of the series is to make Chevrolet more than just a badge on the shirt, but a credible facilitator bringing fans closer to their idols; to be at the heart of the global fan community. This means creating entertaining content that fans actually want to watch. From Juan Mata in a giant football suit dancing as instructed by a fan, Bryan Robson playing a game of pre-match pool in a local Manchester pub with a crowd of super fans, to Paul Pogba teaching tiny super fan Nyah Rose to do ‘the dab’ with Romelu Lukaku and Sergio Romero watching on, this series has levelled the playing field to allow for genuine connections to be made between Man Utd stars and their fans.


Creating that natural bond between fans and players has really paid off. The popularity of the EBFFS, alongside being the first-ever content series supported by ‘Retweet to Subscribe’ on Twitter, has contributed hugely to Chevrolet FC’s 3.5 million followers.

For the second season of the EBFFS, the numbers speak for themselves. Organically we have had over 4 million views and with paid media it’s over 72 million views, alongside 394 million impressions and 3.5 million engagements. Chevrolet is changing the fans’ viewing experience from one that is passive to one that is fully participatory and engaging.

The final edits

EBFFS: Prank Wars 1

Credits: MOFILM & Chevrolet

EBFFS: Fanswers Kids

Credits: MOFILM & Chevrolet

EBFFS: Man Utd vs Fan Utd 1

Credits: MOFILM & Chevrolet

EBFFS: Match Day Surprise

Credits: MOFILM & Chevrolet

EBFSS: Man Utd vs Fan Utd 2

Credits: MOFILM & Chevrolet

EBFFS: Prank Wars 2

Credits: MOFILM & Chevrolet

EBFFS Man Utd vs Fan Utd 3

Credits: MOFILM & Chevrolet

EBFFS: Prank Wars 3

Credits: MOFILM & Chevrolet

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