Pink tinted memories

Brief for:

The JOOP! brand was founded by the charismatic German fashion designer, Wolfgang Joop. The male fragrance is distinguished by its iconic bright pink bottle.

Its historical “Real Men Wear Pink” campaigns traditionally depicted women in submission to the sexual appeal of men who wear the fragrance. The brand needed a contemporary campaign to renew appeal with young men and women in Germany and the UK, particularly given that women are often the key purchasers of fragrances for their partners.

From over 50 treatment submissions, the brand selected a German filmmaker, Simon Denda, to create three playful, sexy films, bringing to life memories told from two different perspectives: male and female. The stories centre around the man seducing the woman at key moments in their relationship, but with the JOOP! scent adding a pink tint, the reality of what happened is left to the audience to decide… The films launched on Facebook and Youtube in both German and English languages.

How it Works

an idea

Read the brief and send us your idea in a snappy write up or draft script. Tell us a story, and if your idea hits the mark we'll pay you to develop a treatment.

a treatment

Having been shortlisted, bring your idea to life through a formal treatment that builds on your initial thinking and wows us with your creative vision.

your film

Develop your final script and pre-production with support from our team and make a beautiful film that people want to talk about.

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