The Reset Collective

Brief for:
De Beers Group

De Beers Group is the world’s leading diamond company that supplies the finest natural diamonds. 

The diamond category is increasingly perceived as outdated or ‘evil’, with millennials seeking out alternative coloured gems or innovative jewelry seen to be more ethical, sustainably produced, and culturally relevant.

To challenge this, De Beers are launching ‘Reset’: a series of maverick creative collaborations designed to help younger audiences fall in love with diamonds, and shine a spotlight on the role natural diamonds play in bringing value to the environment and local communities.

For the first collaboration, The Collective, De Beers brought together 5 US female designers to visit the diamond mines in Botswana. Inspired by their trip, they created 5 unique pendants, each featuring a natural diamond. 

The content series showcases the designers’ journeys, from their inspiring trip to Botswana, through their creative process to design their final pendant. Through a series of film and stills, they share their thoughts on the De Beers Group’s initiatives and discuss how their perceptions of diamonds has been changed as a result. 

The series culminates with the collection being worn and discussed by model and activist, Indira Scott, shot intimately on set in New York. 

The pendants have been auctioned by Sotheby’s, with all proceeds going to BLM charities.

The films were shot by Betterdays, led by Nat Prinzi and Rachel Morgan, with stills shot by award winning photography team, U+A.

Check out the films and stills live on Instagram:

Episode 1: Launch

Episode 2: Zoe Chicco

Episode 3: Sara Weinstock

Episode 4: Jennie Kwon

Episode 5: Jade Trau

Episode 6: Julez Bryant

Episode 7: Indira Scott

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