Dasher Gratitude

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To All Who Keep The World Moving

DoorDash is not just about connecting people with meals, it’s about connecting people to endless possibilities — easier evenings, happier days, bigger savings accounts, wider nets and stronger communities. That’s what DoorDash is about, Delivering Good.

At the start of the Covid-19 crisis, DoorDash announced #OpenForDelivery, an initiative aimed to let consumers know that restaurants are open, that delivery is safe, and that restaurants need patronage more than ever to weather the difficult times.

Our campaign with DoorDash took that sentiment to the next level, to say thanks to the first responders and the folks who are putting themselves on the line by taking the essentials from the restaurants and delivering them to the rest of us at home.

Quick Turnaround
Within 48 hours, we briefed and sourced ten filmmakers across the country with equipment at home to safely capture footage of local acts of ‘Thank You’ in their respective cities to create a spellbinding :30 film for DoorDash to show their gratitude.

High Quality
We worked closely with each filmmaker to ensure creative continuity and technical output to easily weave the footage into one film. The footage was uploaded to the cloud and sent to a central post house to maintain all COVID-19 safety regulations.

Community Driven
The :30 film sparked a call to action to show how others #ThankADasher. User generated content gathered from that was used, in addition to the footage our community captured, in 13 cutdowns formatted for social media use to encourage a viral response to “How do you give thanks?”

This was a tribute to how we come together in tough times, artfully documented by a national community of filmmakers.

The final edits

Dasher Gratitute

Credits: Multiple Filmmakers

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