As I Am

Brief for:

Ideas deadline: November 29 2018, 0:00 GMT
Film deadline: January 22 2018, 0:00 GMT

Beer company Grolsch are looking for filmmakers from around the world (but with a focus on Canada, Argentina, the Netherlands and South Korea) to create a series of documentaries about individuals who are not afraid to be themselves. They want real life stories about people who naturally embody what Grolsch stands for: bold, distinctive, natural, uncompromising and authentic. If you think you have an interesting story to tell, please get in touch!


How it Works

an idea

Read the brief and send us your idea in a snappy write up or draft script. Tell us a story, and if your idea hits the mark we'll pay you to develop a treatment.

a treatment

Having been shortlisted, bring your idea to life through a formal treatment that builds on your initial thinking and wows us with your creative vision.

your film

Develop your final script and pre-production with support from our team and make a beautiful film that people want to talk about.