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We are already getting excited about our first event of the 2014 and there are four amazing briefs waiting for you.  The CES event is happening the 6th – 8th January 2014, for more information click here.

The brands participating in the CES, Las Vegas contest are listed below along with a teaser of what you can look forward to in each brief.  Click on any brand name to learn more. Good Luck and have fun!

Coke Zero | Make an anti-viral film. Set up a situation where people think that they are going to participate in the next BIG Coca-Cola Zero stunt that ‘isn’t’.

Although they launched the vending machine stunt first, Coke feels that everything has been getting a bit out of hand. So they are looking to go anti-viral. The best and most surprising thing about Coke Zero is the taste. So filmmakers can do anything crazy they want in the build up to this stunt, but just as everything is reaching a climax and the bottle drops down into the vending machine, nothing will happen. The real surprise is in the taste.

MapQuest | People who enjoy everyday victories enjoy MapQuest. Tell the story about somebody who, in the journey of their day, enjoys everyday victories.

AOLs navigation app MapQuest is looking for content that celebrates ‘everyday victories’. Because their navigation app helps makes people’s lives easier and saves them time, it also facilitates these ‘everyday victories’. For example it can help you save 5 minutes en route to work so that you can get your morning coffee. The  ‘everyday victories’ that MapQuest are looking to showcase can be directly related to mapping/directions/ MapQuest, they can be related to ‘saving time’ in any context or they can be unrelated to MapQuest.

iRobot | Make a film that brings to life the phrase iRobot so I can ….

iRobot is looking for films that bring to life the beneficial relationship between humans and robots. Their challenge to filmmakers is to change people’s perceptions about robots and in order to humanise the brand and normalise their products (lets face it, however you look at it, robots seem pretty alien) they want filmmakers to show how iRobots can make a difference by liberating the lives of everyday people.

Chevrolet | Make a film that brings to life not only how the Silverado man is strong, but why he is strong.

Chevrolet has an opportunity created by a vacancy in the pickup truck segment conversation. Nobody is talking about the heart and soul of the category. The man behind the wheel. While the current conversation connects to some part of the pickup man, there is more to him than how he is being portrayed. They are looking for films that shed a light on his strength and his soul using moments that revolve around teaching, working, playing, living. Like the truck itself, this brief stirs a lot of emotions and Chevy want to challenge filmmakers to bring these emotions to life.

Keep an eye on what’s coming up on www.mofilm.com as we continue the New Year in none other than Sydney, Australia.


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