Now you really can make a film using your phone. Here’s the proof.


It’s now 30 years since the birth of Apple Macintosh and the evolution of technology is showing no sign of slowing up just yet. On 20 September, 2013, the iPhone 5c was launched and sold a record-breaking nine million new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c models in just three days provoking Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, to dub it the ‘best yet’.

One of the major selling points behind the iPhone 5s is its ‘iSight’ camera, which has the capabilities to film in slow motion, as well as offering features such as ‘Live-Zoom Video’ – which is exciting news for both aspiring and professional filmmakers alike, as now you really can make a quality film using your phone.

If you don’t believe me, here’s the proof:

Filming began in Melbourne, Australia, 24 January and ended on the West Coast of America on the same day, showing just how Macintosh has put technology in the hands of the people.

It appears that UK based filmmaker, Daniel Peters, has also had some fun with his new iPhone 5s, capturing some beautiful footage and running a couple of tests on the beach and in the woods of his native Bristol.

Test on the Beach:
Test in the Woods:

Daniel comments on the iPhone’s filmic capabilities by saying ‘I remember… probably two years ago I was shooting a music video ‘paid client’ on the same beach with a Canon 1D MKIV using the slow motion feature which was 50fps. Now I can shoot 120fps in 720p on an iPhone… pretty crazy’.

Daniel also gives his fellow filmmakers a couple of tips on his blog. ‘Don’t forget that the quality is even better if you choose to shoot using the 1080p mode. Bare in mind if you want to shoot…say a low budget music video… the iPhone 5s naturally shoots at 30fps.

As American film director Francis Ford Coppola once said ‘Some little girl in Ohio is going to make a beautiful movie with her fathers’ camcorder’. Today, people all over the world have the potential to create amazing video content together with just an iPhone.


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