MOFILMers doing it for themselves!


Hello again!

Recently we’ve been hearing some great news from a number of MOFILMers about successes outside of our competitions and it pleased us so much that we decided we needed to share it with you all!  It’s always exciting for us to see our filmmakers flourish (we’re very protective of them you see!) and in the spirit of things we though it would be nice to share the good news here…

First up then a whopping big congratulations to Sean Cunnigham who’s short film Couch has been accepted for this year’s Big Apple Film Festival!  The film stars Greg Lay and Will Cooper, who play two brothers reminiscing about the past as they move an old couch out of their mother’s house.  If you happen to be in New York on November 17th you can catch it at Tribeca Cinemas.  If not you’re not local, don’t worry too much, we hear flights to New York are pretty reasonable these days!

Next up then another dose of hearty MOFILM congratulations to Hugh Mitton who was recently snapped up by production agency Film Construction.  Hugh’s something of a MOFILM veteran, most recently taking top spot for Coca-Cola at this years Cannes event, so we’re really very excited for him!  If anything it’s simply another confirmation of what we already knew, that Mr. Mitton is a talented guy… amazing news Hugh, well done!!!

Charles Hayes and Robert Lawson are next up to the pedestal.  The guys were recently nominated for the 2012 Shots Awards under the New Director of the Year category.   Their film The Thin Wet Line (entered for competition under the name CoWorkers) earned them a well-deserved place on the shortlist, the winner will be announced on 22nd November at an awards show in London, so best of luck guys, we’re backing you all the way!

Finally then a massive well done to David Hewitt, who’s film Trunks was recently awarded Best Screenplay at the Van D’or Independent Film Awards!  A really great piece of work, you can watch it here if you haven’t had the chance to see it.  Not only did David win at Van D’or, but also just recently placed top 3 in Shooting People’s Film of the month competition – it will now be watched and reviewed by none other than Mr. Danny Boyle, a great prize as we’re sure any filmmaker would agree!

Well then, that’s it for now.  Sorry to hit you with such a lengthy post on a Friday afternoon but we wanted to give a shout out to the guys, and indeed to everyone who enters our competitions.  It’s amazing for us to receive the amount of incredible films that we do, but when we see our filmmakers doing well for themselves independently we really do feel proud!

Before we break down in gushing sentimentalities, we’ll take the liberty to excuse ourselves and wish you all a lovely weekend!  We’ll be back Monday, till then, take care!


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