MOFILM Extra Purchase Payments


MOFILM’s mission is to help filmmakers in as many ways as possible.

Obviously we provide great briefs from big brands so you can build your reel with work you love. We give out grants to help towards the cost of creating your entry. We’ll give as much, or as little feedback, as you want. We give out cash prizes, take you on the most amazing trips.  We introduced extra payments to the director and the talent if the spot goes on air. We built a free to use music library with over 60,000 tracks. We’ve even written reference letters to help further your film studies or to apply for visas and put cash into kickstarters for your passion projects.

We’ll consider pretty much anyway we can help out really.

So we thought it was about time we sorted out the payment discrepancy when a film doesn’t win but the client would like to purchase it as an extra.  Up until now if this happened and you hadn’t received a grant, then the brand paid the filmmaker $500 to secure the rights to the piece. If you had received a grant then you didn’t quality for that $500 as the grant payment already covered the transfer of rights.


Yes, us too on occasion.

So we thought we’d make it simpler and fairer.

From now on, if get a grant and  you don’t come in the top five but the brand wants your piece as well, you’ll get the $500 payment as well as your grant payment. If you didn’t get a grant, you don’t come in the top five but the brand wants your piece as well, you get the $500 payment.

As ever, if you enter without a grant and you don’t place or get picked up as an extra, all the rights to your entry  remain yours.

We think this is a good move, please let us know via Facebook, twitter or by emailing


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