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I am writing from the front lines of one of our MOFILM Pro project shoots in sunny Carson, California. We are on the set of one of our Pro shoots with talented duo Lloyd Choi and Kyle Hollett of The Herd. Some of the team of MOFILM LA have come out to lend some hands on the set which takes place in StubHub! Stadium. Although, we cannot share too much on the story, this was a great place for our team to learn hands on the job of a PA on set and see all of the background work that goes into a shoot. It goes without saying we are really good at delivering coffee now.

First off, MOFILM Pro is a service we offer which usually produces 1 to 5 films for a client with a more specific brief and really utilizes the production houses of the filmmakers in our community. To become a Pro filmmaker, you must be an active, leading participant in the MOFILM Marquee projects and show that you produce professional level work. This particular spot the team was shooting was in efforts with one of our big campaigns with Cornetto. Some of you may have seen the videos released this past year which made massive waves in the advertising community and had some of the most comments and shares of any ad this past year for their Cupidity campaign!

To kick-off this year, The Herd team are filming here in sunny Los Angeles. The shoot today consists of tennis players, lots of decals, and a whole lotta love. Our team was put to work early posting up Cornetto decals and managing crafty. As the day progressed, you see the hard work and dedication of their whole crew (about 40 people on set!) working in the sun and filming shot after shot to get the perfect one. The shoot is will take one week here in Los Angeles, thankfully it still looks like summer here!

Fun facts we learned on set:

  1. To make a stadium look full, they use blow up mannequins and dress them up from the waist up. Very creepy but also interesting!
  2. When managing crafty table, never underestimate the appetite of the talent and crew on set.
  3. Gatorade and Red Bull are like gold on set. You want friends, you should stock these.
  4. Set hours are long (and hot) and a ton of fun. We met everyone from the extras in the crowd to the set designer, to the AD (who really manages the shoot).

Thanks to The Herd for letting us shadow you all for a day on set. At MOFILM , we strive to continue to understand and better our knowledge of film sets and production. I think my sentiments towards our filmmakers and seeing the amazing amount of work, attention to details and skill our Pro filmmakers have can only be expressed through this one clip.


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