May 29, 2015

MOFILM Partners with Getty Images


Getty Images Logo

Here at MOFILM, we’re always on the look out for ways we can help filmmakers make the most of their skills and talents. So when Getty Images approached us to help build its, frankly already phenomenal, stock library, with even more great footage, it seemed like a great opportunity for everyone: filmmakers, Getty Images and MOFILM alike!

Getty Images is looking for high-quality content that “tells a story in a clip”.  We know that MOFILMers are always shooting, either creating entries for us, or for your own jobs and projects. We also know that not everything makes the final cut. This is a great way to make some extra money from all of that currently unused footage.

Why are we doing this?  Simple, MOFILM’s mission is to help filmmakers. Be that helping you build your reel with real work for the world’s biggest brands, or through creating partnerships to give you different opportunities. From supporting a new award from the prestigious D&AD Awards or, like with Getty Images, helping to create another revenue stream and more exposure for your work.

MOFILM will get regular updates from Getty Images to ensure we know what the most needed clips are, which we’ll share with the filmmakers who registered through us. This means you’ll have the inside track on what content you should upload to increase the chances of it getting used. There is no difference in the amount you’ll receive if you upload directly to Getty Images rather than via registering with MOFILM, the upside is that inside knowledge on market needs.

For more information, go check out the the MOFILM Getty Images page.. To get full instructions on how to register, you need to email Getty Images. Don’t forget to include you name and a link to your reel. Before you do, make sure that you have read both the MOFILM FAQ and the Getty Images FAQ and get in touch with any questions you have!


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