Meet Michelle Vincent, Mofilm’s new CEO

By Nathan Phan

An expert in media transformation and a neurobiology nerd in her free time, Michelle Vincent joins Mofilm as our new CEO. To say Michelle has had an interesting career journey would be an understatement. Michelle has worked in fields from traditional media, like Hearst and News Corps, to tech, like Google and Meta (FKA Facebook). Now she’s eager to lead Mofilm with a focus on the Metaverse and Web3 space. As we welcome Michelle to our Mofam, we want you to get to know her better, in her own words: 

Welcome to the Mofilm family, Michelle! Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

When I’m not at work, where I get to enjoy my love for all things NYC, home is on Long Island. I live with my husband and college sweetheart Dave, our tween boys Nathan (12) and Michael (10), our cat Coconut, dog Holly, and our tank of random fish.

I love to travel, so I am always planning our next vacation, usually a family adventure, a quick getaway with Dave, or group trip with a tight knit group of friends. Next stop: Iceland this August with the boys!

And of course, my love for food and wine are at the center of it all.

Can you share what led you to join Mofilm?

Where do I start?! At its core, Mofilm has delivered some of the highest performing content for brands in the most authentic way possible, all at a pivotal moment in the sector. For example, for a baby product production, Mofilm exclusively hired a crew of actual parents to work behind the camera, something I had never heard of before.

A message for Black, LGBTQIA+, and so many other globally diverse audiences resonates the most when someone from their own community guides the creative, shooting, and editing each scene, and that’s what Mofilm has done time and time again. It was a no-brainer that this was a special company to be a part of.

What are you most excited about as our new CEO?

Nothing gets me more excited than an industry going through transformational growth. I couldn’t be more thrilled that our creator community at Mofilm is at the center of this today. We’re part of this new movement everyone is calling the “content creation evolution.”

With the rapid rise of interest in Web3 and the Metaverse, Mofilm is primed to tap into our braintrust of creators who are experts in this exciting yet nascent space. It’s these creators who can best support brands as they experiment, test, and iterate on the many exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

Is there something that you wish more people would know about you?

Not really; I’m an open book. It doesn’t take long for anyone I meet to know that I am most passionate about food, wine, and family… and the occasional opportunity to sing karaoke. My idea of a great Friday night is streaming a binge-worthy series or going to the movies (finally, again) with loved ones.

Finish this sentence… In another life, my career choice would be…

I would still be working with creative content, but perhaps in the more musical sense. I was a marching band kid — I played a bunch of instruments, sang, acted, and danced in every one of my high school musicals. I love musical expression and will tap into that passion whenever I can until the day I die. The blood, sweat, and tears that go into any creative expression, and the process of bringing that art to life for audiences at scale — they’ve both been codified in me since childhood.


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