Meet Chris Lauder, our Head of Business and Development

By Nathan Phan

“If I weren’t a business development professional, I would be a stuntman or boutique cinema owner. There isn’t job security in professional dog petter!”

Dog dad and Ireland-native turned Atlantic Ocean-paddleboarder, Chris Lauder, joined Mofilm last month as our Head of Business Development. Since joining the team, Chris has already been making a huge impact. Read on to get to know Chris!

Welcome! Tell us more about yourself. How did you get your start in your career?
When I graduated from my Master’s Degree in Cinema Studies, I wanted to find a sales role that offered the chance to explore creativity in advertising/media and be part of something different.

I began at Viacom as a sales coordinator, working on the creative execution team for London Underground and National Bus campaigns. I then steadily forged a path in Outdoor, National Press, Magazines, Digital and beyond.

What makes Mofilm unique?
Mofilm represented what I would call a “Dream Job.” It enables me to employ over a decade of experience and passion for media, as well as naturally aligning with my own interests in story, film and narrative. Furthermore, so many of the social initiatives and campaigns speak to my own desire for a more inclusive world, accepting, tolerant and truthful.

What makes us unique is our ability to curate honest, authentic creators and filmmakers to work with brands who want to amplify diversity, inclusivity and sustainability. Our expertise to connect global audiences to local production teams in every major city in the world means we bring a breadth of experience and talent, at scale.

As head of BD, what excites you about the current landscape of content production?
This is an incredibly exciting time for creation…and creators! Increasingly brands recognize that elevating stories that resonate with their audiences, being more truthful and daring more greatly than ever before.

I’m thrilled that our curated community of filmmakers, photographers, editors and on, mean that we’re able to provide opportunities to so many that may not have access otherwise. Mofilm is a very unique model, and we ensure that for every client brief, we find the most passionate and skilled storytellers, to surround the project and bring authenticity to the lens.

How do you see Mofilm and the industry evolving over the past 2-5 years?
My focus is on both ensuring we deliver consistently high quality to our loyal client base, whilst expanding our vertical and category footprint. We create content with a focus on diversity, inclusivity and sustainability, thus aligning even more relevant brands with authentic creators is key.

Over the next few years, Mofilm will also be focused on growth. We want to broaden the number of brands that we work with, connect with even more suitable creators and tell many wonderful stories along the way.

What are some things about working at a creative agency that many people don’t know?
All hands on deck! The camaraderie and focus on teamwork to get the job done is fantastic. From swarming a deck (with multiple team members over different states and cities), to live brainstorming and huddles on the fly…long hours may well happen, but if you believe in the work and what you are doing, alongside the best gang that you could hope to work with, then it truly makes it worthwhile.

Creative ideas can come from anyone, at every level – listen to all and select what is best for the client and brief.

Tell us what inspires you in your work.
I’m inspired daily by our team and our mission. The work speaks for itself, and it is an honor to be a part of something that is truly meaningful. When I think about some of our creative work – from Sure/Rexona’s #WatchMeMove, to DoorDash’s “Merchant Stories”, all have a throughline: human authenticity. Bringing to life diverse stories, shining a light on inequality or inspiring examples of physical limitations being overcome, make me want to find more clients who wish to elevate creators and stories from around the globe.

If you could give your past self some advice, what would it be?
Trust the process and lean into uncertainty! Learning that preparation, repetition and consistency will bring the best results truly helped me. Be kind to everyone, you never know who’s having a bad day and why.

Listen, learn and apply.

Name a film you could watch over and over again.
Impossible to say just one…so a shortlist of five! Steven Speilberg’s Jaws, John Frankenheimer’s Seconds, Michael Mann’s Heat, Gilles Mimouni’s L’Appartement and Kathryn Bigelow’s Point Break.

Finish this sentence… If I weren’t a business development professional, I would be…
a stuntman or boutique cinema owner. There isn’t job security in professional dog petter!



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