Last Minutes with Oden by Eliot Rausch


This week for our Friday highlight we bring to you an incredibly moving (and somewhat heartbreaking) short documentary by talented young filmmaker, Eliot Rausch.

The film follows Eliot’s friend Jason Wood as he prepares for the day in which he must put down his beloved dog Oden.  A eulogy of sorts, the film shows the transformative power of true friendship and explores the sad fact that at some point we must say goodbye to the ones we love.  Jason’s open grief at losing Oden make the film hard to watch at times, but in around five minutes Rausch manages to present a snap shot of a life that goes deeper than some films manage in an hour plus.

While this might not seem the most upbeat way to end your week, we loved the film too much not to share it!

Eliot’s made a number of other great documentaries, capturing small moments, that somehow resonate beyond their relatively brief playing times…

If you’re not too torn up by the first film, check out another film by Eliot, ‘The Pool Guy’. A portrait of a young working father, who finds solace from his day job cleaning pools by writing songs. Bookended by snippets of speeches from President Obama, the film subtly places it’s protagonist against a backdrop of an uncertain contemporary America, a good example of the old adage ‘show don’t tell’…

Hope you enjoyed the films then this week, again please let us know what you think, we’d like to see a few comments around the way here – talk to us, we won’t bite!

Looking forward to the week ahead, we should have another entry in our ongoing series of interviews with industry figures and also in the near future some guest posts from MOFILM filmmakers, exciting times indeed!

Have a ‘smashing’ weekend, as we say over here in the UK, don’t do anything we wouldn’t do!



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