November 15, 2013

Hurtwood Prize for Young Filmmakers


Breaking into the film industry is notoriously difficult. As a young filmmaker it seems like there is a list of never ending challenges in the way of making that first film and then getting that ‘break’. Type ‘starting out as a filmmaker’ into Google and you get pages and pages of tips, hints and advice on how to go about getting your work noticed.

But what if it doesn’t have to be that hard? Just ask Josh Renaut, a film student at Westminster University who entered a competition to make a film to accompany a new Maccabees’ track as part of the Hurtwood Prize for Young Filmmakers in 2012. His film won and now has over 18,500 views on YouTube.

According to Josh, “nowadays with promos and YouTube – people usually know the videos almost as much as they know the song, to be able to say the work you’ve done is the official product is really exciting. It’s an opportunity to get people to see your work and the right people too – the record labels, the press, it’s amazing.” As he goes on to say, “there are a lot of people who want to get into the industry so in that sense you’ve got to have something that stands out, something to show for yourself”.

What if that something was your very own music video for Irish duo Hudson Taylor?

In association with Polydor Records, Vevo & The Huffington Post we are delighted to announce the launch of the Hurtwood Prize for Young Filmmakers 2013.

The competition is open to 16-25 year old filmmakers across the world, and if Josh’s success is anything to go by, you have nothing to loose by giving it a shot. Go on, do it … check out the brief

Find out more about how the project was conceived here:

Hear from this years band Hudson Taylor on their thoughts about the project:

Oh and one more thing … a little tip from last year’s winner Josh:

“If I were to offer any recommendations to those taking part – it would be start now! I left mine till a few days before submission last year; we literally shot, edited over night and just about snuck it in! Make sure you know what you want to shoot, flesh out your ideas and listen to the song a lot! I think that’s the most important thing – get a really good feel for the track and make a video that fits with the music, stay true to your vision but complement the track at hand.”


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