HSBC – you know you want in!


Hi all –

Just a quick one to drum up some support for our latest HSBC brief – it snuck into Texas at the last minute, so we thought we’d help the little fella out with a quick call to arms aimed at the people who matter most to us – you lot!

Going straight to the source, here’s a little snippet from the brief to get you going:

“HSBC is aware that most financial businesses communicate their products and services in a male friendly way. However, statistics illustrate that women are becoming the audience the bank needs to talk to; they’ll make up the bulk of future product sales, and, what’s more, will view money & wealth differently from men.

HSBC’s marketing uses the thought of ‘In the future…’. The film you’ll be creating will be shown internally, and, as a result, must demonstrate how this awareness of the future will affect how the brand talks to women. The goal is to recognise that women and wealth do not remain invisible to future HSBC communications.”

So then – what we’re asking you to do is to create films that dramatise the ‘little differences’ that exist between men and women – the idea being that these films can be used to promote a more self-aware and ‘female friendly’ internal ethos at HSBC – a noble cause if we don’t say so ourselves!  

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to energise an organisation to speak to women rather than ignoring their needs?Well, even if you don’t (come on guys POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDES) we do! All ideas are welcome and don’t forget that we’re always happy to talk over your ideas with you if you think they could do with just a little bit of polishing around the edges.  We’ll be reviewing scripts up until Tuesday next week, so why not take a dive and throw something our way!

On a slightly different note, we had a world premiere of the new revamped for 2013 MOMUSIC service in the office today and it all looks very exciting.  We’ll be launching officially very soon (as in sometime next week hopefully). Some of the new features should prove to be really helpful in terms of putting your films together and the whole experience of finding music from the library should now be easier than ever.  Be excited Y’ALL – be very excited!

And finally, as it’s Friday, here’s a cute video of a little kid ‘dropping knowledge’ that’s been picking up views recently round the old internet – who says we don’t treat you well 😉

Anyway that’s it from us for the moment – hope you’re all well and wishing you each and everyone of you a weekend to remember!

Cheers guys!


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