MOFILM + Getty Images

MOFILM has partnered with Getty Images to give you a great opportunity to make money through licensing your unused footage to businesses and other filmmakers.

Getty Images is looking to build its library of stock video with authentic footage, focused around specific themes. To build this collection, Getty Images wants to work with high-quality filmmakers from around the world who can help them “tell a story within a clip”. Making the talented MOFILM community the perfect place to look.

MOFILM’s role is to help you by giving you the inside information on what footage is being looked for and to keep you updated on current market needs.

Getty Images also holds MOFILM competitions in our Marquee model for the opportunity to win cash prizes and travel to our global events! This is also where you can find the most recent types of clips Getty Images is looking for to help you in licensing your own content.

To learn more and to register to participate, please email Getty Images directly to receive full instructions. Please include your name and a link to your reel. Also be sure to check the competition section for a chance to win cash and prizes and learn more on topical content needed.

Check out the MOFILM Getty Images clip library here to see what other MOFILMers have already licensed!

How to format clips for Getty Images library

Current Clips Needed: 'Day in the life’ moments with family and friends/People of all body shapes working out

Length of Clips: Between :10 and :40 seconds (you may use same clip cut multiple times)

Brief parameters: There should be no sound or audio and they should be in edited, colour corrected form

MOFILM Film Restrictions: Films should not have been awarded a prize in any contest or have received a grant. You may use footage from a placing film if was not used in the final edit or are replica shots from the original project; Any branding or trademarks should be removed. You may use footage from productions done outside of MOFILM.

Please review both the Getty FAQ for more technical requirements and the Getty Images Partnership FAQ for more information on the partnership, costs and offerings.

Getty Images Terms & Conditions

Questions: Email

If you wish to learn more and participate please email Getty Images to receive instructions and a personalised link to enroll for submitting. Please include your name and your reel as well.