Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is MOFILM?

    MOFILM is a global community of filmmakers to create ideas, treatments and video content from all over the world, for some of the biggest brands, like Chevrolet, Coca-­Cola and PlayStation. We believe that diverse thinking should be at the heart of the creative process and we want to help our filmmakers create breakthrough creative work that gets noticed globally.
    Why should I get involved?

  • Why should I get involved?

    MOFILM gives you access to exciting video content briefs from global brands and can help you build your reel. We remove intermediaries from traditional delivery methods and bring brands closer to creative filmmakers. You’ll be working direct with brands and our team of in-house curators on highly visible work with larger production funds.

  • How do I get involved?

    First, you will need to register. Then go to our projects page and have a read of our live briefs. If you are right for the brief and fit the bill in terms of the type of filmmaker required (often briefs are only suitable for creators from a certain location or with a specific skill), then register your interest via the project page. A member of the team will be in touch if they agree that you are right for the project.

  • What is the difference between ideation / pro / contest projects?

    Pro projects are the most frequent type of project that MOFILM has on it’s website. This is when the client wants to see a breadth of ideas from our community but will commission one (or sometimes two or three) filmmaker teams to create their preferred idea. We run pro projects more like traditional productions and there will be direct contact with the client but we still try to maintain filmmaker creative control and independence as much as possible.

    An ideation project is when the client is looking for ideas from our community, rather than finished video content. You will be reimbursed for your idea if it is selected by the client.

    A contest is when we want to see finished content from the community and there are prizes are on offer for the best submissions. Depending on the project, we may offer production grants to help filmmakers bring their idea to life.

  • Where are all of the competition briefs?

    We are constantly evolving our model to ensure that we are meeting the demands of our clients and our community. Our community is very important to us and we want to ensure that we are offering you opportunities to create work that is used by the client and gives you the exposure you deserve.

    We are now running less competitions as we’re keen to grant larger production budgets to our filmmakers and create even better, more focused creative and collaborative work with you, whilst delivering ready-to-use content for our clients that will reach a larger audience.

    We do still run competitions as we are focussed on building specialisms within our community and competitions are the best way to unearth this talent. Are you a whizz at motion graphics or VFX or do you have experience shooting in 360 or short-form content? Let us know and we will make sure the right opportunities come your way.

    If it is the parties you miss, be sure to join the location Facebook pages and update your location on your profile so we are sure to send you invites to our local filmmaker events in Los Angeles, New York and London.

    If you have further questions on this, please reach out to and we can show you some of our latest work and explain changes further. Thank you for being part of our journey with us as we continue to work to create opportunities for filmmakers globally.


  • What is the best format to shoot?

    The brief will state where the selected films will be used – digital or broadcast – which you should consider when shooting and editing.

  • What is the best video format for upload success?

    We accept mov and mp4 extensions. Neither height nor width can be odd numerically (eg dimensions of 1023 x 768 should not be used because 1023 is an odd number). Do not export with any black borders and we recommend 16:9 aspect ratio but will accept other ratios. The video frame rate (fps) is not important but bear in mind the intended use – if the brand intends to display on TV then they will prefer 30fps.

    If you export your video from video editing software (eg. Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, Avid, etc) then we recommend you export an uncompressed file then use the free Handbrake software from to compress the video using FFMpeg compression with AAC Core audio (CBR) audio.

    Before uploading, test your video on a friend’s computer that does not have any video editing or special codecs installed. The video should play on Quicktime and/or Realplayer.

  • Can I use third-party footage/photos/branding In my video?

    We prefer if all the footage is your own, original work that you have shot yourself. You must not copy footage from any other video you find on the Internet or elsewhere.

    You can use footage from a stock collection but you must pay for it from your production budget and have a commercial usage licence that must be submitted to MOFILM upon delivering your final paperwork.

    If you feature any artwork in your film, you must have permission from the artist. This includes street art.

    Please avoid featuring any third party brands or logo in your video(s). All logos of brands that haven’t provided explicit written permission to be used will need to be removed from your edit. Watch out for things like clothing, mobile phones, laptops and store fronts which usually carry third party logos.

  • Can I submit a film I've entered before?

    No, it’s against the MOFILM terms and conditions to enter any content that has already been entered into a MOFILM project. This includes footage, so you can’t re­cut a previous entry and re­submit it.


  • What do production funds cover?

    The MOFILM production budgets are given to the filmmaker to cover all production expenses associated with filming and editing submissions. Unless specified otherwise, the production fund amount needs to cover talent, crew, product purchases, editor’s fees, director’s fee, equipment hire, location permits and post-production services (sound, colour, VFX, graphics, subtitles). Music may sometimes have a separate fund but this will be confirmed by the MOFILM producer when you are awarded the commission. If you have a question on the production budget, get in touch with the MOFILM producer assigned to the project.

    It is up to you to manage your own production budget but you need to make sure that you can deliver the brief within the agreed budget. Pay particular attention to the deliverables, timings and mandatories when pitching for the project.

  • How much money will I receive?

    The production funds vary from project to project. The MOFILM producer working on the project will confirm the amount.

  • When do I get the production funds?

    For most MOFILM projects, half of the agreed production fund total will be paid upfront and the remaining once the final film edit has been received. Filmmakers are not required to supply invoices or receipts. However, you must make sure that you provide all the paperwork requested to MOFILM to receive your first payment. The paperwork includes the signed filmmaker agreement, an invoice and your bank details.


  • How do I increase my chances of getting commissioned for a production?

    Remember that your treatment is your pitch. It is your opportunity to sell yourself and convince the brand that you are the right filmmaker for the job. You will often be competing against several other seasoned filmmakers at the treatment stage so we would encourage you to spend time on your idea. Check out this blog post that gives you some extra hints & tips.

    At the first stage we do not expect filmmakers to provide full scripts and we do not need you to supply storyboards.

    Make sure your profile is up to date! This will be the first thing that a MOFILM producer looks at and you want to ensure it features your latest and greatest work.

  • How many filmmakers am I competing against?

    This depends on the project but we will usually share between 3-10 different filmmaker ideas and reels with the client. This means it is even more important for your treatment to stand out and for your profile to be up to date with your personal details and best work (see “How do I increase my chances of getting commissioned for a production’).


  • What music can I use for my film?

    Please use the MOMUSIC library or an original composition for your video(s). If using an original composition you will need the musician to sign and return the MOFILM music composition form. If using the MOMUSIC library simply state the name of the track when you upload the film to our platform.

    Please avoid using third party music from networks such as Audio Network or Premiumbeat where possible, as these libraries offer limited licensing and usage which may not match our agreements with clients. If you are in any doubt, please contact your MOFILM producer who can advise.

  • What is MOMUSIC?

    MOMUSIC is MOFILM’s music division, and offers a full music sourcing facility for filmmakers. We have over 10,000 pre-cleared tracks for filmmakers to use for our contents free of charge, and have all of the rights and appropriate licenses cleared for online and mobile use.
    MOMUSIC’s search engine allows you to source your music by genre, mood or style. Therefore, with over 10,000 pre-cleared tracks to choose from, we are sure that MOMUSIC will make it easier for you to find the music that is right for your video.
    For further information visit

  • Can I use third party library music?

    Please avoid using third party music from networks such as Audio Network or Premiumbeat where possible, as these libraries offer limited licensing and usage which may not match our agreements with clients. If you find the perfect track for your film via a third party library, then contact your MOFILM producer who will be able to advise you.

  • Can I use my own music?

    Yes, but it must be licensed for commercial usage. If you, or someone else composes a track especially for your entry, then they must complete the music release form that is sent to you once you’ve been commissioned.


  • How do I upload a video?

    Go to the specific project page you are submitting for (either via the ‘Projects’ page on the website or the link that you’ve been sent by a MOFILM producer) and click on the upload button that is towards the end of the page. You’ll need to be signed in to access this. Then just follow the instructions to upload your film.

  • What is the maximum file size?

    Maximum file size permitted to upload to the MOFILM platform is 1GB but we recommend aiming for around 100Mb per 60 seconds of video content if you use our recommended MPEG4 encoding.

  • How should I name my files?

    Avoid using special/international characters and keep the total filename (including extension) below 50 characters.

  • After submitting my film, am I allowed to share it with the cast, crew, friends, or family website?

    You are fully entitled to share your film with your friends, family or crew members via a private or password protected link, however you cannot share it on a public domain. This includes tagging the brand or disclosing any information on the brief until you are notified by MOFILM that it is appropriate to share publicly.

  • What are the different release forms, when are they necessary and why do I need to submit them?

    You need submit these so MOFILM can ensure you have not infringed the rights of any third party. We ask that you provide evidence when you submit your films that any people or other parties whose work is involved or whose property rights are used in your video have permitted you to submit the video to MOFILM. This will also allow the video to be used under the terms of the agreement you will enter with us.

    You will need to submit these forms when you upload the first edit of your film to the platform. There will be a button on the project page called ‘Upload documents.’

    Talent releases: all actors/talent who appear in front of the camera and are recognizable will need to sign a talent release form and share a copy of their photo ID. The photo ID is very important because it helps us to identify each person on screen and match their signature. If you are unable to get a release form or photo ID, please do not include them in your edit. We recognize that this isn’t always possible, particularly when filming crowds and documentary films so if you are unsure, please contact your MOFILM producer who can advise.

    Music releases: if you are using an original composition you will need the musician to sign and return the MOFILM music composition form.

  • If I’m working on an animated movie do I still need to complete the release forms?

    Yes, you will still need to complete the filmmaker agreement. If you use voiceover artists you will also be required to complete and return the talent agreement forms, and if you have sourced music without using MOMUSIC then you are required to complete and return the music release form as well.

  • What files do I need to provide?

    At the end of every project, you will need to provide the following files for each deliverable:

    • mp4.
    • Pro res mov.
    • Clean pro res mov.
    • Splits – audio, graphics, music
  • I was expecting to be paid my production funds by now – who should contact to check on payments?

    You can check the status of your production on your profile under the ‘Payments’ tab. We have different payment terms with all of our clients, so payment timings will vary from project to project.

    If for any reason you have not heard from us, then contact the producer in charge of the project.

  • Who will have property rights for the video content I submit?

    MOFILM projects are commissioned work for the brand. The brand pays for all production and expenses of the film, and thus owns the film and all b-roll associated with it. You do have the right to include the film on your showreel, production house reel, etc but you cannot sell any footage or imagery from a MOFILM project to any other company or entity.

  • Am I liable for taxes on payments I receive from MOFILM and how do I pay them?

    You are responsible for taxes on all profits you make as part of participating in our service, such as awards of prizes and other payments for the rights in your video, under the taxation law in your jurisdiction.

    Please understand that MOFILM is an international company and receives video submissions from all over the world. As such we can’t offer individual advice with regard to filing tax returns and other tax services in your country or state. If you need further information you must consult your relevant state authorities or a tax specialist qualified in your jurisdiction.