Technology and Teen Love: Cupidity 2015


Following last month’s piece about the release of Cornetto Two Sides, we wanted to take a look at the rest of the incredible films in the third installment of the Cupidity series. Cupidity was originally created  to engage with a teen audience, telling love stories that pushed boundaries and appealed to that age group. We began the journey in 2013 using the power of storytelling to connect with our audience; in 2014, we enhanced the concept further by using music from breakthrough bands as well as including the odd celebrity. Now in 2015, we are using technology to bring a completely immersive experience to the online and offline teen sphere. The landmark campaign has now reached over 450million views online and also won a silver Cannes Lions and a D&AD pencil.

Between The Lines

Rollo Hollins 

Rollo worked for years as a director of photography on a range of award-winning film, commercial and TV projects in the US and UK which gave him a strong foundation in film production. As a director, he has a wealth of experience creating commercial content for the likes of Nike, Epson, Danio and KPMG, using the money from these jobs to fund independent film projects. He enjoys blurring the divide between fiction and non-fiction choosing to append his scripted work with the chaotic freedoms of documentary production – street casting, cast shot footage and a mixture of ‘behind the scenes’ footage and structured takes.

The story behind Between The Lines was sparked from the experiences of one of Rollo’s friends who had just finished at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London,  and who actually plays Hap in the film. What fascinated Rollo was the intense emotional journey the actors were asked to navigate, especially at an age when their personal lives were so fraught with uncertainty.


Kaenipa Phanakorn

Having studied film production at University and gaining valuable experience working as a creative assistant to film director Ekachai Uekrongtham, Kaenipa now works as a freelance screenwriter, producer, and director for both film and advertising. Her work has travelled to a number of film festivals internationally and she is currently developing her first feature film project.

The idea behind Coral came from research into the particular challenges of teen love and relationships in Thailand, an important market for Cornetto. What it found was that parents are very controlling when it comes to their child’s love life and, as a result, Thai teens are often very reserved when it comes to expressing their feelings face to face. Instead, most of their initial courting plays out online, through social media platforms where they feel far more comfortable expressing their true identity to each other.

Venus 1.0

Bruna Gonzales & Andrew Mellin

Bruna Gonzalez is an art director from Lisbon, Portugal. Andrew Mellen is a writer from USA. Together in Paris, they work in advertising, direct films and write stories. They’re perhaps best known for their hair and their can-do spirit. Other brands they’ve worked on include: IBM, Dove, Perrier, Coca-Cola, Louis Vuitton & Nestlé.

In Venus 1.0 Bruna and Andrew wanted to tackle one of the subjects at the forefront of most teenager’s minds – sex. They wanted to look into the pressure and anxiety that can exist around the subject for many teens, who simply don’t know if they are ready to take their relationships to the next level. Set in a near future the couple in this film turn to a highly advanced operating system to answer the questions they are simply too embarrassed to ask their friends.

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