Chevrolet: United in Preparation

As part of their sponsorship of Manchester United, Chevrolet has a wider football program that supports football fans around the world. No matter where they are from or what team they support, their passion, fandom and camaraderie is what makes the game come alive – and what Chevrolet celebrates.

Although their lives are very different in many respects, one thing that brings fans and players closer together is their shared belief in pre-game rituals. For this brief, we want you to find a Manchester United fan in the USA, South America or Asia and showcase their pre-match ritual. You should aim to show that fans and players are united as one in their efforts to bring good fortune to their team.  

We are creating a global piece that celebrates how fans from all over the world have pre-match rituals, just like their idols on the pitch. If you are successful your footage will be edited together with that from other filmmakers around the world, as well as footage of the Man United players talking about their own rituals.

Download the filmmaker pack, and please read the brief within it carefully for further details. Good luck!

Deadline Passed
Idea Submission Deadline:
February 15 2017, 23:50 GMT
How it works

At this stage we just want to hear about your chosen fan and their pre-match ritual. Once entries are reviewed, the brand will select filmmakers to move forward into production and document their chosen fan.