Las Vegas 2016

Las Vegas 2016 Contest Winners


We're pleased to announce the winners of the Las Vegas 2016 competition. A massive thank you to everyone who entered and an even bigger congratulations to all our winners.

Come back next year!

Foot Locker

Evan Kelman

The Push | 0:60

Michael Medoway

Dear Mom 90

Joshua Traywick

I Run for a New Beginning

Corrin Hodgson

Foot Locker 60Second v2

Carlos Gutierrez

Road Warrior:60v3

Eastern Bank

Theodore Bezaire

Full Circle

Sean Cunningham

The Attic

Jeff Sousa

Lure of the Past

Scott Keenan


Rebecca karpovsky

Nonna Blanket


Benedict Turnbull


Aina Dumlao

We Do

Nisrin Aziz

Back to School

Andrew Fisher


Hisham Samie & Alan Shelley

First Dates

Glatt Stove

Mike Galeck

Wherever You Are

german mairen


María Angélica López Castrejón

Lenno vs. La Estufita

Dos Equis

Will Kenning

The Owl and The Indian

Marc Riera

El ritmo es nuestro

Chris Vennemeyer

Dos Equis EDC Fantasy

Rakshit Thantry

DJ Ricardo's House Party

Rocio Robledo

Highway To Fest


Landon Donoho

Create Together

Hisham Samie & Alan Shelley

Tree Trunk

Santosh Maithani

set me free

Michael Gray

Assemble the Team

Ike Castro

A Bottle Can