Barcelona 2010 Contest Winners


We're pleased to announce the winners of the Barcelona 2010 competition. A massive thank you to everyone who entered and an even bigger congratulations to all our winners.

Come back next year!


Manuel Dominguez de la Osa

Chevrolet Spark - Get Inspired

Martin Malone


Adrian & Sarah Gauthier

(Grafitti 2) Ride the Spark

Matthew Quandt

Garage Band

Robert McLellan

(Spork) The Creative Spark

Best Buy

Asa Thibodaux

Dad's Connected!

Pete Herron

The Sharing Generation

Tom Sylla

Quality Time

Eric Beaudry

Happiness And You

Mike Strock

Your Dream


M Christie

Perfect Peaches

Aldo Murillo


Parker Wilson

Yoplait: Meet Jane

ofir lobel


Will Joines

Moving Day


Henry Scholfield

Changing Lives

Pete Herron

Dreams In Motion

Mark Drake

Samsung - Wish Full Thinking

Annie King

Samsung Baby NEW

David Little

The Ability to Think Clearly


Daniel Lundh

(Amnesia Travel) When Speed Matters

Pete Herron

Here, There, Everywhere

Richard Pierre

AT&T 'Speed Date'

Michael Southworth / Brian Neaman

ATT - Date Night