Taj 2012

Hindustan Times: Taj Mahal Video Contest 2012

'You Read, They Learn' 

Hindustan Times has recently launched extremely critical issue of education for under-privileged children, called and wants films to help make its readers aware and proud of the contribution they can make to increasing literacy levels in India. 

This a different brief from the Hindustan Times and one that is close to its heart, so make sure you read the brief carefully! There are grants available so click on the application button below to submit your ideas. 

The winner will not only get a cash prize but also win a trip for two to the magnificent Taj Mahal and the legendary MOFILM awards ceremony, where you’ll meet the brand representatives, fellow filmmakers and the MOFILM team for five days of festivities and celebrations.

To enter, download the brief and assets, and upload by the deadline. 

Remember, if you need help, have any questions or would like feedback on your ideas, then please email us at support@mofilm.com or ask on MOFILM G+ page or Facebook or via Twitter.

Event Dates

25 Nov - 28 Nov , 2012



Rs. 200,000 (or US$4,000 outside of India)
Round trip travel for two (2) people to Agra, India with 3 nights hotel accommodation



Rs. 100,000 (or US$2000 outside of India)



Rs. 50,000 (or US$1000 outside of India)



Rs. 50,000 (or US$1000 outside of India)



Rs. 50,000 (or US$1000 outside of India)



in grants, cash
and prizes!

Contest Closed

This contest is now closed to new entries.

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