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Chevrolet : MOFILM Texas 2013 Video Contest

I’m Making It 

There is a new generation of car buyers, some call them Generation Y and others call them Millennials. This generation is different to the generations that came before them, raised by nurturing parents who told them that would achieve great things and saw different possible paths to success. They saw that you really could become a star over night and that with a great idea; you could be a billionaire at 23, even if you didn’t finish college. 

Believing that they could conquer everything easily, they are now realizing that life is a series of challenges, some big, some small and that every success leads to a new challenge, that the journey is never really over. It’s the difference between having it ‘made it’ and the constant, evolving state of ‘making it’, a state that should be celebrated in its own right. 

For example, for many of the young musicians who will get to play at the 2013 SXSW Music Festival this will be one more step in their journey of ‘making it’, rather than the end point at which they turn around and can say they have ‘made it’. 

There are production grants available to help towards the cost of creating your film, and the MOFILM team is always at hand to help with any questions you have. 

Remember, if you need help, have any questions or would like feedback on your ideas, then please email us at or ask on MOFILM G+ page or Facebook or via Twitter.

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12 Mar - 15 Mar , 2013














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