Lollapalooza 2012

Campbell Pepperidge Farm: Lollapalooza Contest 2012

Campbell Canada's Pepperidge Farm brand is introducing a unique new Cracker Chip to the Canadian market -- Pepperidge Farm Cracker Chips 

They have really done the unimaginable and created an irresistible snack combining the crunch and bold flavour of chips in a wholesome, crispy crunchy cracker. 

Campbell wants you to look at the two directions provided in the brief and choose ONE direction to create a video on. The two brief options are "Crack the Chip Code" and "Chips are from Mars, Crackers are from Venus". 

The winning filmmaker will be flown to Chicago, with a guest, to celebrate their win and attend one of the best music festivals in the world for three days, with two VIP tickets. To enter download the brief and assets from the right hand side of the page. Remember to upload by deadline and that you can use any music from our platform, to enhance your work. 

Remember, if you need help, have any questions or would like feedback on your ideas, then please email us at or ask on MOFILM G+ page or Facebook or via Twitter.

Event Dates

03 Aug - 05 Aug , 2012



Round trip travel for two people to Chicago with three nights hotel accommodation. Plus two VIP tickets.











in grants, cash
and prizes!

Contest Closed

This contest is now closed to new entries.

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