Kathmandu 2011

Kotak : Kathmandu 2011

Kotak has 25 years experience in dealing with money and has observed how the meaning of money has changed during that time. 

For the Kathmandu Video Contest, Kotak wants 30 second films that explore the meaning of money today. It wants to know what people's motivations are, what they think about it and what their attitudes towards it are. How you show this is up to you, it could be a practical look or you could show how money affects people in larger than life examples. 

The winner will pick up $4,000 and a trip to two to Kathmandu in December 2011, we've got an amazing trip planned for the last MOFILM awards ceremony of the year, so download the brief now to make sure you don't miss out!

Remember, if you need help, have any questions or would like feedback on your ideas, then please email us at support@mofilm.com or ask on MOFILM G+ page or Facebook or via Twitter.

Event Dates

08 Dec - 12 Dec , 2011



Rs. 100,000 (or US$2000 outside of India)



Rs. 50,000 (or US$1000 outside of India)



Rs. 50,000 (or US$1000 outside of India)Rs. 50,000 (or US$1000 outside of India)



in grants, cash
and prizes!

Contest Closed

This contest is now closed to new entries.

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