Christmas Advertising – US Style


We may be known globally as the land of Black Friday shoppers taking out people for the last discounted iPAD and our resilience in sitting outside of stores for days on end waiting for the new seasonal release of various items that we must have for the holiday, but much of our American Christmas adverts say otherwise.

The most powerful and memorable for us always have the common thread of family and sharing the day of Christmas with them. After watching my most favorite Christmas programs and already getting tied up in the loops of favorite childhood holiday films on repeat, you actually see many of the same classic holiday commercials we are all familiar with.

For me, I know it is the season when I see the Hess Truck ads, the polar bear family for Coca-Cola, and the M&Ms ad reinstalling the belief in Santa. And although many of these ads have been recycled from year to year, it feels like a Christmas tradition to see them like seeing A Christmas Story.

M&Ms “They Do Exist”

On a sentimental note, I think this Apple ad (I know, predictably lovely) stole the moment as many iPhone users who are notorious for having their phone attached at their hands, actually makes a holiday video using only the device.

Apple “Misunderstood”

There is also this short film which was produced by Ridley and Tony Scott for Coca-Cola using the iconic bears although I keep thinking about the Lion King throughout this.

Coca-Cola Bears 2013

So, we may love to bargain hunt the day after our day of Thanks and we may love our classic ads, but we also love the importance of the family and after all of the ads and wrapping paper and egg nog is done, we still seem to hold true the Christmas spirit.

On that note, America, we need to up our family Christmas cards.



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