MOFILM is a global crowdsourcing company that connects some of the world s biggest brands with our community of 50,000 filmmakers in more than 140 countries around the world.

Many of the world s biggest brands use us to provide them with breakthrough content that can be used online, or to create memorable advertising campaigns that can be broadcast during occasions such as the Super Bowl.

We Curate the crowd to deliver great content that is on brand.
We inspire our Community to unleash breakthrough creative ideas.
We Clear all content legal, talent & music rights before delivery to the brand.
We reduce the layers between Brands and Filmmakers to keep the process both fast and great Value.

MOFILM Marquee Competitions

MOFILM runs multiple major video competitions every year around the world. In addition to offering millions of dollars in prizes to filmmakers, every competition ends with an unforgettable event at awe inspiring destinations around the world, including the Cannes Lions, the London Film Festival, SXSW, Lollapalooza, Taj Mahal, GSM in Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro, the Tribeca Film Festival, CES in Las Vegas, and many others.



MOMUSIC provides Brands with the ultimate service for sourcing music. With an extensive breadth and diversity of song choices for increased creativity, simpler process for faster delivery via our unique platform, that will make it so much easier to find, test and source the right song, MOMUSIC offers brands greater value from music at lower costs



Under its MOFILM Causes banner, MOFILM partners with social enterprises and charities to provide them with fresh and innovative video content. For our filmmakers it provides the chance to challenge their skills by creating entertaining content that can still communicate a more serious message.



MOFILMpro is a bespoke process for Brands - designed to utilize the proven winners of MOFILM s world-renowned video contests. We remove intermediaries and fat from traditional delivery methods and bring Brands closer to creative filmmakers with amazing benefits.