Helping brands become publishers
through our evolved MCN model

We build a ‘virtual studio’ of hand-selected creators to make authentic content that specifically speaks to your audience.
Filmmakers and other content creators who know your brand inside out and who provide a credible voice as channel commissioners and brand advocates.
Quality, tailored content from your virtual studio at low cost guaranteed views across our channels, your channels and influencer channels.
Media that gives back Conscious millennials know their actions can make a difference. Ripple Effect inspires people to take small, everyday social actions to share ideas that can change the world. Their participation means your stories reach a greater audience at lower cost, and the savings are reinvested into your charitable project.
Connecting the world through food Food is one of life’s greatest joys. It has the power to nourish in many ways: it can excite us and challenge us, bring us comfort and be cultural, it can transport us to another place and time, and connect us to others. We believe food fuels social connection, so we create original and authentic content that not only whets the appetite of our millennial audience but challenges the way they think and experience the world.
Journey deeper Our tribe of curious nomads travel far and wide in order to return home with a deeper understanding and connection to the world they live in. To know the fabric of a destination through its culture, its history, and its people. Our content invites wanderers to join us on an adventure - one that inspires more meaningful travel than extra stamps in a passport… Ready? Let’s go.
Alter your own perspective We believe in defying norms to develop new paradigms in the visual medium. Take a trip here for perspective-changing content, often with a technological twist. You’ll find the best in 360 video, virtual reality, augmented reality, drones, and traditional filmmaking with a modern perspective.
For modern parents, by modern parents Embracing a new outlook on parenting - a modern, honest and relatable one that doesn’t take itself too seriously, recognizes the ups and downs of parenting, and celebrates all the parents out there creating their own definition of the ‘perfect parent.’
The intersection of brands and technology We aim to blur the lines between online and offline experiences as well as investigating the practical application of new marketing technologies like Virtual Reality, 360 degree film-making, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.
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