Behind the scenes with Alexa Morita and Minhee Kang

By Charlotte Dixon

At Mofilm, we are always looking for opportunities to give our vibrant community of creators a voice, and dig a little deeper into how their wonderful creative minds work. To continue with this ambition, we are super excited to launch a new series of themed interviews that we are conducting with members of our community from all over the world. Each month we’ll interview different creators, and each month we’ll be asking them questions on a different theme within filmmaking and the creative industries.

The first theme we are looking into is ‘Behind the Scenes’, and our second interviewees are Alexa Morita and Minhee Kang from Good Golly, an LA-based stop motion animation house. We are currently working with this amazing duo on a series of 9 stop motion animation for San Marzano Tomato Sauce (keep you eyes peeled for when these go live – they really are top of the stop motion, paper craft game!).

If you want to get involved and be a part of this interview series, or have an idea for an interesting theme you’d like us to explore, please email us at!


In conversation with Alexa Morita, Minhee Kang and Lorie Jo Trainor Buckingham, ECD of Mofilm


Lorie: What is your job?

Alexa & Minhee: We’re Good Golly, an animation team comprised of Alexa Morita and Minhee Kang. Our job sort of depends on the project. For smaller projects we tend to do everything (preproduction, fabrication, animation and post), while on bigger productions we focus our efforts on directing and producing.

Lorie: What do you like about it?

Alexa & Minhee: We love being able to create and execute our vision from start to finish.

Lorie: If not your job whose job would you like to do on set?

Alexa & Minhee: We both love what we’re doing! Most projects we wear many different hats and get to do a little bit of everything. If we could, Alexa would like to focus more on set and character design and Minhee would love to be more involved in puppet fabrication. We’d also love to get more into live action!

Lorie: Who do you think is the unsung hero on sets?

Alexa & Minhee: Project coordinators. Once a big project gets rolling, it’s so crucial to have someone who is on top of the schedule and who is doing what. Otherwise it’s so easy to miss deadlines, forget tasks, or overlook problems.

Lorie: What is the one thing you can’t go on set with out?

Alexa & Minhee: Blue painters tape! We always have Zipfizz on set. We also attempt to eat healthy, so almonds are always rolling around in the studio. Cheez-its are a Good Golly studio staple as well!

Lorie: How do you come up with ideas? Do you have any creative process or routine you follow to inspire ideation?

Alexa & Minhee: Research! We generally do brainstorming sessions where we look at the brand’s established look and image. We also spend a lot of time looking at different art styles and pieces, and we think about how to use those different mediums and techniques in our own work.

Lorie: What is your top tip for dealing with clients when making work?

Alexa & Minhee: Be flexible, but be up front about what can or can’t be done. It’s better for everyone if there is transparency, and it leads to a more efficient project timeline and less misunderstandings.

Lorie: What are your shoot day rituals?

Alexa & Minhee: None really! We come (hopefully) well rested and hydrated.



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