June 24, 2016

Academy for African Filmmakers 2016: Cindy Lee, Director

By Ryan Deluchi

We’re nearing the end of our tutorials for the Academy for African Filmmakers 2016 and we’re finishing strong with Director Cindy Lee, Cindy transitioned from an award winning career in advertising as a copywriter to directing commercials. She’s recently started production on her first TV drama series.

Cindy talks about how she started in film,why one of the most important things is to realise what you don’t know and why you should be absorb everything.

Watch the video above to find out more about her experiences and why you don’t need to start from the bottom. Don’t forget to visit the www.MOFILM.com/AAF to download a Unilever brief that could see you winning $5,000 (USD) plus get funding to bring your film to live and a directors fee. Not forgetting the chance to see your work broadcast.



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