2014 Super Bowl Ad Predictions


Who will show the best Super Bowl ad this year? MOFILM investigates.

It is the most glorious time of year for television commercials in the US. We have award season as well the pinnacle of commercial stages, the Super Bowl all within a few weeks of each other. Already rumors are spreading of reunions, product launches, and new campaigns.

Ads have also started to take new form on a very large scale. Lately, we have seen hidden cameras in Gold’s Gym with Arnold (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwYNu2WnVU8) promoting his fitness initiative. We have also seen Old Spice creating fake websites to promote Men’s grooming (Here is my favorite: http://www.toughsheets.com/#)

It will be interesting to see the styles and brands shown during this Super Bowl. There will always be a market for spots that look like they cost $4,000,000 to produce (H&Ms estimate cost for their new ad below), but the look of something more approachable and “low-budget” also gives the brand the connection and accessibility many of them want to create with their target consumers.

Here are some recent ads or brands, I think will be taking home the trophy for best ads of the Super Bowl. Let the games begin!

Go –Daddy (I love these as they look like a medium-budget spot, but is engaging and sells the service of Go-Daddy. Plus as an official sponsor of the Super Bowl, they need to keep their game up!)

H&M – This is the first ad that will allow consumers to purchase a product during the ad. Definitely a new type of t.v. Advertising. And the talent isn’t too bad either

Oikos – Perhaps I feel a big nostalgic for Full House, but with rumors of a Full House reunion with the spokesman of Oikos, John Stamos? Yes please.

Any other good suggestions? Tell us about them!


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