Frequently Asked Questions

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Creating your entry
Production Grants
The Upload Process
Filmmaker Pack
After the Contest
Permissions and Rights
What is MOFILM?

MOFILM is a global community of filmmakers; we run regular video contests for the world’s biggest brands, like Chevrolet, Coca-Cola and Walmart. Our aim is to inspire filmmakers and help them further their careers.

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Why should I get involved?

MOFILM can help you build your reel using actual briefs for major global brands, plus we give out production grants for most contests to help towards covering the costs of making the film. Our filmmakers can also win fabulous prizes. Typically our competition winners can claim $8,000 in prize money, as well as winning a trip for two to amazing locations such as Cannes in the South of France, or SXSW in Texas, where you will attend one of MOFILM’s legendary award ceremonies and meet the MOFILM team, fellow filmmakers and the representatives of the brands you make content for. Moreover, winners may have chances to receive additional paid work from our brand clients. The possibilities to earn substantial profits and make your name known in the industry are endless.

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What does it cost?

Nothing, Nada, Zip. Zilch. MOFILM contests are free to enter and through our production grant scheme you are able to apply for money to help toward the cost of creating an entry

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I’m only 16 – Can I still enter?

Yes! If you are between the age of 16 and 18, we will need to see some form of permission from your parent or guardian if you are one of the winners.

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Does it matter where I live?

No. All MOFILM contests are open to any filmmaker wherever they are in the world. Sometimes a brief will ask for a specific language requirement but don’t let that stop you entering. We have had winners from India who have made films for use in the Spanish market and winners from Poland who created great work for the South American market.

Remember that the first prize winner will be flown to the awards ceremony and so it is handy if you already have a passport!

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What is MOFILM’s filmmaker Pack?

MOFILM’s filmmaker pack contains all of the necessary information you need in order to successfully create and upload your video to enter your chosen competition.

The filmmaker pack, previously known as the CCA forms, contains the contest brief, the filmmaker agreement and music and talent releases. It is important that you sign and complete all the necessary forms and upload them to as soon as you have uploaded your video.

Check out the FAQ section on the Filmmaker pack

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What is the best format to shoot?

We can only accept digital video uploads and we recommend shooting in HD because lots of winners get their films shown on big screens and on the web and even on TV - so you want it to look good. Don't use a resolution below 640x480.

The frame rate is unimportant, but if you can, shoot at 30fps or higher. Old school 24fps is great for the movies but not great for TV or the web (especially with fast action).

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What is the best video format for upload success?

We accept avi, mpg, mov, wmv, mp4 and m4v extensions. Neither height nor width can be odd numerically (eg dimensions of 1023 x 768 should not be used because 1023 is an odd number). Do not export any black borders and we prefer 16:9 aspect ratio but will accept other ratios. The video frame rate (fps) is not important but bear in mind the intended use – if the brand intends to display on TV then they will prefer 30fps.

If you export your video from video editing software (eg Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, Avid, etc) then we recommend you export an uncompressed file then use the free Handbrake software from to compress the video using FFMpeg compression with AAC Coreaudio (CBR) audio.

Before uploading test your video on a friend’s computer that does not have any video editing or special codecs installed. The video should play on Quicktime and/or Realplayer.

We heartily recommend using Handbrake from to compress your video before uploading. It’s free and available for all operating systems.

Make sure your filename is less than 50 characters including the extension!

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Can I Use Third-Party Footage/Photos In My Video?

We prefer it if all the footage is your own, original work that you have shot yourself. You must not copy footage from any other video you find on the Internet or elsewhere.
You can use footage from a stock collection but you must pay for by yourself and must have a commercial usage licence that must be shown to MOFILM upon request.

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Can I submit a film I’ve entered before?

No, it’s against the MOFILM terms and conditions to enter any content that has already been entered into a MOFILM contest. This includes footage, so you can’t re-cut a previous entry and re-submit it.

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What is MOMUSIC?

MOMUSIC is MOFILM’s music division, and offers a full music sourcing facility for both filmmakers and clients. We have over 10,000 pre-cleared tracks for filmmakers to use for our contents FREE OF CHARGE, and have all of the rights and appropriate licenses cleared for online and mobile use.

MOMUSIC’s search engine allows you to source your music by genre, mood or style. Therefore, with over 10,000 pre-cleared tracks to choose from, we are sure that MOMUSIC will make it easier for you to find the music that is right for your video.

For further information visit

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Can I Use My Own Music?

Yes, but it must be licensed for commercial usage. If you, or someone else composes a track especially for your entry, then they must complete the music release form that can be found in the filmmaker pack that you will download along with the brief.

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Are There Any Preferred Artists or Bands in MOMUSIC’s Catalogue?

In addition to our existing services, MOMUSIC will shortly be introducing a VIP catalogue of artists or bands that we sign direct to MOMUSIC. These will be highlighted within our catalogue.

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Can I Use Music From Other Sources?

For any video entered before 1st January 2013, yes. After that date we will only accept music that has been sourced from or is an original composition. If you do use an original composition please make sure you complete the music release form in the filmmaker pack as thoroughly as possible.

If you have any questions about completing the form, please email

For films that are uploaded before 1st January 2013, you can use music from other sources but remember that the winning videos could be screened on TV and/or on major public websites by both MOFILM and the brand/organisation that is sponsoring the competition/event. To this end you must license any music you source for commercial use. MOFILM will need to see evidence of the licence for the music. Please check Licences and end-user agreements carefully as music rights are not usually transferrable or available for commercial use. Please remember the primary focus is the visual content and we do not mark you up or down for the music you use. We strongly encourage you to use any music we provide for this competition/event.

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What information should I include in the music release form if I have sourced my track using MOMUSIC?

If you have sourced your music using MOMUISC then you do not need to complete the music release form. Please remember to add the track title and name of the artist during step three when you upload your film.

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Can I use my own music?

Remember that the winning videos could be screened on TV and/or on major public websites by both MOFILM and the brand/organisation that is sponsoring the competition/event. To this end you must license any music you source for commercial use. MOFILM will need to see evidence of the licence for the music. Please check Licences and end-user agreements carefully as music rights are not usually transferrable or available for commercial use. Please remember the primary focus is the visual content and we do not mark you up or down for the music you use. We strongly encourage you to use any music we provide for this competition/event. Please do not use music that we may have provided for any previous or other competition unless the website specifically says you may.

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What are Production Grants?

The MOFILM Production Grants are funds that MOFILM makes available to filmmakers to go towards covering the expenses of producing the video. The grant is paid after the video is submitted regardless of whether it is selected to receive a prize after the competition ends.

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Who can apply?

By providing as much information as possible, especially if you’ve never entered a MOFILM contest before – examples of your work, the script and storyboards can all help sell your idea, and you, to us!

We also highly recommend reading our blog post on MOFILM Production Grants for hints and tips on creating a successful application.

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How can I increase my chances of getting a grant?

By providing as much information as possible, especially if you’ve never entered a MOFILM contest before – examples of your work, the script and storyboards can all help sell your idea, and you, to us!

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How many grants can I apply for?

You can apply for as many grants for as many contests as you like but you must include all your ideas on the same submission form. You should also bear in mind that you are likely to only get one grant per brand. If you have several ideas for a contest we recommend really working and developing only one or two, rather than submitting lots of ideas that aren’t fully formed. The more developed an idea, the more likely it is to get selected.

Also if you apply for multiple grants and are approved, you need to confident that you can deliver. Understandably the production grants are popular but we have a limited pot of money to share, so be fair to your fellow filmmakers and only accept more than one grant if you know you can deliver.

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How many grants are given out per competition?

The number of grants varies competition by competition, the average grant pot is $15,000, though they can be more than twice that amount. We usually we give at out at least 10 grants ranging from $500 to $2,500 or more.

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How much money is a grant?

The minimum amount for a grant is $500, as this covers the transfer of ownership as outlined in the filmmaker agreement. The maximum amount varies from brand to brand and is usually outlined at the top of the grant application form.

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How do I know if I got one?

You can review the status of your grant applications at any time by clicking on My Grants under the My Account heading on the website. You will receive an email from the MOFILM platform with the initial news of whether you have been successful or not.
If you have been given a grant this will be followed by an email from the account manger, they will also send you a grant approval form. You need to complete the form, sign and return it with a copy of your government issued photo id. They will be in touch before 60 days after the contest to remind you to send all the information needed in order for you to get paid.

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When do I get the money?

We aim to pay the grant money 60 days after the contest closed. However you must make sure that you uploaded a film and provided all the paperwork requested to the person who gave you your grant. The paperwork is the signed grant approval form, plus your photo id, your bank details and receipts. You must also make sure that all the paperwork for your film is in order and has successfully been uploaded to

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I got accepted for a grant but can’t now make the film.

Let the account manager know as soon as possible, this is so we can allocate another filmmaker a grant. MOFILM will not discriminate against you on future applications if you accept a grant and then let us know in good time that you can’t enter the contest.

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I’ve got questions about grants, who do I talk to?

If you have been awarded a grant, then the best person to talk to about your specific grant is the MOFILM team member who told you had been awarded one. They will also be the account manager for that brand and closest to the brief and client. If you don’t have a grant, then email any questions to

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How do I upload a Video?

Visit the competition website at: and click on the upload button which will be on the competition page. Here you will be asked to sign in if you are an existing member or to sign-up if you are new to MOFILM. It is 100% free to sign-up.

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What Is The Maximum File size?

Maximum file size permitted by the MOFILM platform is 500Mb but we recommend aiming for around 100Mb per 60 seconds of video content if you use our recommended Mpeg4 encoding.

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I Want to Upload a Large, Better Quality File - should I?

For the contest ALL submissions are re-encoded by the MOFILM platform to a web-streaming format. This is because our judges are all over the world and can’t download gigabytes of videos to do their judging – so every video uploaded follows the same process. Our judges are professionals and will not judge the videos badly if they are a little grainy or have compression artefacts.

Uploading a 20Mb compressed video that has come from Handbrake output is more likely to upload successfully first time and more likely to go through the MOFILM platform without a problem. Most people who upload a large file have problems either with the upload or the MOFILM platform struggles to encode it.

Save your big, ultra-high quality video for later. If you are chosen as a finalist we will be in touch and ask you for it!

We will also ask for the layered files to be submitted if you are a winner. By layered files we mean the video without music and dialogue, and the any music of dialogue as separate files. This is in case any edits are required at a later stage.

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How Should I Name My Files?

Avoid using special/international characters and keep the total filename (including extension) below 50 characters. Ensure the extension is correct for the container used (eg .mov, .mp4, etc). An extension that has been changed (eg a .mov that is changed to .mp4) will be rejected by our platform - you MUST re-encode if you wish to use a different extension.

After uploading the video you will be able to choose a title for your video and enter an optional description.

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What happens once I have uploaded?

Once you have successfully uploaded your video you will receive an email telling you this, it will also include the film id which you will need to include on your release forms. The video will then go through the MOFILM encoding platform which creates standard judging formats. You will also be emailed once your video has completed this process informing you if there was any problem or if the encoding was successful - this may take 24 hours (or longer during the closing hours of a competition).

A MOFILM administrator will review the video and you may be contacted about any problems or questions. If your video is not suitable then it may be rejected. You may also be asked to re-edit your video and/or re-submit the video.

The MOFILM admin team will also check to see if you have uploaded all your paperwork correctly too, if you haven’t then your video will not be approved.

Once your video is approved, the judging panel will be able to view and review your video but judging will not take place until the submission deadline has passed

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Help, I uploaded my video twice!

Don’t worry if you have uploaded more than one version of your film, we always reject any duplicate versions and only consider the newest version for the contest.

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Where do I upload the necessary forms from my filmmakers pack?

Once you have completed the necessary forms you should visit and where you can upload your completed versions. If you have difficulties with the upload page you can also email your forms through to

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Can I credit the rest of my team on the site?

Yes, when you upload your film you have the option to include the rest of your creative team.

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After submitting my film, am I allowed to share it with the cast, crew, friends, or family online by uploading it to facebook, youtube, or my personal website? Or do I need to keep it off the Internet completely until the winners are announced?

You are fully entitled to share your film with your friends, family or crew members, however you cannot share it on a public domain. This means you must share it on a private, password protected platform that cannot be viewed by the general public.

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What is the filmmaker pack?

Formerly known as the CCA pack, the filmmaker pack is the term MOFILM gives to the various release forms you download along with the contest brief. You need to complete the relevant forms and upload them after you have submitted your entry.

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What are the different release forms, when are they necessary and why do I need to submit them?

So that we can run MOFILM without infringing the rights of any third party, we ask you to provide evidence when you submit your films that any people or other parties whose work is involved or whose property rights are used in your video have permitted you to submit the video to MOFILM. This will also allow the video to be used under the terms of the agreement you will enter with us.

The Talent Release Form must be signed by every person who is involved as an actor or is featured in your video in any way, such as a voice over artist. Such persons will grant you, as the filmmaker, every authorization necessary to allow you to submit the video to MOFILM on the terms of our Filmmaker Agreement. It also provides us with the necessary information needed if your video is later selected for public broadcast by the brand sponsor. This will allow MOFILM to determine the principle actor/actors involved in the video and will allow us to pay them a one-off fee.

If you are using music files that aren’t provided by us as part of the competition – in other words, they are not your own property and not in the public domain - then all rights holders, including composers, lyricists and other possible proprietors in each music track must sign the Music License Agreement. This will permit you as the filmmaker to use their music in your film.

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Will actors taking part in my video get paid?

Possibly. If your video is selected by the brand and is later broadcast on TV or in the cinema, MOFILM will select principle actor/actors, who, according to our judgement, played the main role in the film. Such actors will receive a one-off payment of up to $1,000 depending on the region where the video is broadcast.

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If I’m working on an animated movie do I still need to complete the forms found in the filmmakers pack?

Yes, you will still need to complete the filmmaker agreement. If you use voice over artists you will also be required to complete and return the talent agreement form, and if you have sourced music without using MOMUSIC then you are required to complete and return the music release form as well

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How does the judging process work?

MOFILM will complete an initial review of all the submitted films and create a shortlist for the brand to judge. There number of videos shortlisted per contest depends on how many entries there are and the quality of the videos. The MOFILM review looks at the quality of the production and the idea as well as the adherence to the brief. Judging will be fair and all approved videos will be considered. Note that video submissions that do not meet the brief entirely but which show creative thinking, good production values and which impress the judges will be accepted.

MOFILM then shares the shortlisted films with the client for their review and selection of the winners.

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How do you pick the winners?

All of the films submitted that we shortlist are sent to our brand client, who will then review, and decide internally on the winning films.

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When do you pick/announce the winners?

Usually we notify the first place winner within a week of the contest closing and the other finalists within two weeks but it can take as long as 6 weeks to process all the winners and runners up. There are many legal clearances and considerations so please do not contact MOFILM for confirmation until at least 42 days after the competition has formally closed.

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I’ve been shortlisted, what does that mean?

This means that MOFILM believes you have made a video to a good standard, and it is one of the best entries submitted during the specific competition. Your video will then be sent over to the brand client for review.

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I’ve won!! YIPEEE!! What happens next?

Well done! If you got the top spot then one of MOFILM’s team will call you to tell you that you won and to discuss your prize and travel arrangements. If you came in 2 – 5 then we’ll send you an email with details of what you won.

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How are winners notified?

First place winners will be contacted directly by telephone and/or email before any public announcement is made. All other winners and runners up will typically be contacted by email and we endeavour to inform the winner before any public announcement is made.

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I didn’t win. Can I upload my spot on YouTube/Vimeo now?

Yes, you are entitled to upload your spot on YouTube/Vimeo, however you must wait at least 6 weeks after the contest has finished as the brand might want to purchase your film in addition to the winners it selected. If you decide to go ahead an upload your spot onto a public platform, you must remove all brand assets such as logos, branded content, branded products etc. You must also replace any music that you may of sourced using MOMUSIC.

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I was expecting to be paid my grant/prize money by now – who should I talk to chase up payment?

If you have received a grant or have won prize money, then our account manager in charge of this should of been in contact to discuss your payment. Please be aware that you should expect both grant payment or prize money payment no earlier than 60 days after the deadline for the contest.

If for any reason you have not heard from us, then contact the account manager in charge of the brief or drop an email to

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Who will have property rights in the video content I submit?

You will not lose ownership of the video solely by submitting it to MOFILM. You do authorize us to display and use the video in connection with our business services. If your video is selected as one of the winners in the contest or otherwise chosen to be used by the contest sponsor, in order to receive payment or other benefits from us you will be asked to formally transfer your full rights in the video to MOFILM.

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Can I re-use the video or parts of it for other purposes after submitting it to MOFILM?

After you submit the video to MOFILM, we ask you not to reuse the video or any of its substantial parts for commercial purposes or for any other undertakings of a similar nature to that of MOFILM’s services. This is because you grant us some limited rights with regard to your film by partaking in the competition. By attempting to use the same video in such ways you may breach the agreements with other people or companies that may stipulate that no one should have pre-existing rights in the video you make available to them. It is in your own interest to abide by this policy. However, you may keep the video for your personal non-commercial enjoyment.

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Can I submit content that I produced and made public before the competition?

In order to fulfil the requirements of the competition it’s crucial to produce a video that responds directly to the creative brief. It is also important that any material you submit does not infringe any pre-existing rights of any other entity or person. Consequently, we ask you not to submit materials that you have made available to others in the past. Often, the terms on which you publish your content elsewhere will prohibit you from sharing it with anyone else anyway. If your video is selected by the brand sponsoring the contest they will also require the ability to use it freely without interference by anyone else.

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Will MOFILM or the brand sponsor profit from my content without paying me?

100% NO! By submitting content to MOFILM, the license only allows us to broadcast and distribute your video for the purpose of running our service, which involves organizing competitions and making your video available to brand sponsors for selection. No one else will be permitted to make use and earn profit from your video unless it is chosen as one of the winners in the competition or otherwise selected by the brand to receive a prize.

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Am I liable for taxes on payments I receive from MOFILM and how do I pay them?

You are responsible for taxes on all profits you make as part of participating in our service, such as awards of prizes and other payments for the rights in your video, under the taxation law in your jurisdiction. Please understand that MOFILM is an international company and receives video submissions from all over the world. As such we can’t offer individual advice with regard to filing tax returns and other tax services in your country or state. If you need further information you must consult your relevant state authorities or a tax specialist qualified in your jurisdiction.

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How do I declare my prize winnings/production grant for tax purposes?

As MOFILM is an international company and receives video submissions from all over the world, we can’t offer individual advice with regard to filing tax returns and other tax services in your country or state. If you need further information you must consult your relevant state authorities or a tax specialist qualified in your jurisdiction.

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