Friday Lovin’

We’re feeling the love here in the office this Friday, so we thought what better way to share it then to show some support to a few projects that friends and family of MOFILM (take note dear reader, that includes you too!) are undertaking at the moment…

First up then is a project by one of our very own, MOFILMer Victor Mathieu’s The Monster Project.  The concept – “a found-footage feature horror film about three young filmmakers who set out to find and interview people who claim to be real monsters for a documentary they were hired to make…” – is one that should any horror fans out there should surely want to get behind!  We’re made of slightly more delicate stuff here at MOFILM – we still remember the sleepless nights after watching the Blair Witch Project for the first time – none the less we’d love to see this film come to life, even if we do have to watch it with our hands covering our eyes!  Check out an interview with Victor below and head to the project’s Kickstarter page (linked to above) and show some love :)

Next on the hit list then is a documentary by talented young filmmaker Jason Bourke-Veji.  ’Below the Row‘ is a short film that focusing on a unique set of craftsmen, the tailors of London’s Savile Row.  Famous for the fine suits produced there since the 1700′s, Below the Row is a peak behind the scenes of a trade that values traditional bespoke ideals in a world increasingly has little time for them.  The filmmakers are going for a hand crafted feel here, in an attempt to mimic the fine craftsmanship they’re capturing – ‘Rather than committing to an observational or fly on the wall aesthetic, the film will feature choreographed sequences’.  Have a look at this quick video below to get a better idea of what they’re going for, and if you’re feeling in a generous mood why not pop on over to Jason’s Sponsume page and donate a few bob (that’s ‘old English’ for $$$) to the cause!

Last but not least then we’d like to draw your attention to the work of another brilliant young MOFILMer, Ms. Rita Fazendeiro.  Rita took the top spot for her very first MOFILM entry in London last year for burn and also recently just placed for Reebok SXSW, so we’re hoping that she continues to deliver the goods over here.  In between other projects, Rita has recently submitted a short film for Nokia and the Sundance London Film and Music Festival 2013 entitled ‘A Venue Named London’.  Why not take five minutes of your time to head over to Rita’s page and show your support by voting for her entry, to do so just click support filmmaker on the right hand side of the page.  Who knows, one day she might help you out too (not to put any pressure on you Rita, but you know, we’re expecting big things from you now!)

In case you hadn’t guessed it, we quite like helping a filmmaker when we can… If you have an independent project that you’re currently working on why not drop us a note and we’ll see what we can do. We like to show the love via Facebook, Twitter and occasionally as now, on here – give us some ammunition, we’re ready and waiting!

Thanks then for reading and please do have a look at the guys (and gals!) work, even if it’s just a matter of mentioning it to a friend, every little really does help.

Wishing you all an amazing weekend, till Monday then, keep on doin’ what ya do!


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