MOFILM Filmmaker Tips

First in a new series, MOFILM Filmmaker Tips, we have New Zealand Director Nikki Parlane.  If you’ve also got some sage advice to pass on, send us an email to community at MOFILM dot com, or catch us on Twitter.

We just need your words, we can do the fancy picture bit!

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MONEWS: Wayne Rooney, Las Vegas, New Briefs!

Welcome to the first MONEWs of 2015!

It’s best place to hear all the latest about MOFILM events, briefs and gossip! This weeks episode covers the recent Las Vegas event as well as talking about some of the latest briefs, all brought to you by MOFILM’s Nick Streatfield.

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What we’re watching

Something with both an inside and an outside as the craze for home-made ads for second hand cars catches our attention

Something from last year as the Mexican version of Kismet Diner from the original Cupidity series hits the Viral Video chats top 20 in the UK.

Something that took patience and we’re not sure why, and it’s not a video