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MOFILM helps the USA celebrate Mother’s Day

This weekend sees the USA come together to celebrate Mother’s Day, giving us the chance to pay tribute to our wonderful Mom’s and everything they do for us.

Mother’s Day this year is also an important day for MOFILM as a number of our high profile clients have decided to use the work created by the brilliant MOFILM community to engage and resonate with their fans and consumers across the United States.

First up we have ‘Extra Mile’ by Los Angeles based filmmaker, Jake Viramontez. Jake created ‘Extra Mile’ for The Chevrolet Oscars Programme in 2013, drawing inspiration from a perfect morning described by his sister, mother to his 18-month old niece. In true MOFILM fashion, Jake also pulled in the favors, deciding to cast his friends and their child in his spot. ‘Extra Mile’ is running across the USA on TV and cable over the weekend, so keep a look out. You can also read more about Jake and ‘Extra Mile’ here.

Click here to watch Extra Mile

Another MOFILM production dedicated to celebrating Mom’s this weekend is that by Joshua Traywick (Director) and Melissa Panzer (Producer) who made ‘Proud Mom’ as part of the MOFILM PRO model. ‘Proud Mom’ is Hallmark’s latest TVC and is currently running throughout the USA. The beautiful film sees a daughter graduate from college, before thanking her mother for all she’s done with a Mother’s Day Card from Hallmark.

Click here to watch Proud Mom

The last of the MOFILM films on show this weekend is ‘Everything you need, nothing you don’t’ created by Sean Brown. This funny film is currently being used by Finish USA to support their ‘Power and Free’ product range. Watch the film here:

Click here to watch Everything You Need, Nothing You don't

So if you’re stuck on what to give your Mom this Mother’s Day, why not share one of the above films and be sure to put a smile on her face.

What we’re watching

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